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Get your fill of original and creative decoration ideas with our Petit-Fernand DIY selection to custom your little ones’ bedroom!

Discover our tips and DIY for a nice bedroom decoration

Children are growing up and their tastes are evolving. Here is the perfect moment to give your interior a fresh start and create a personalised atmosphere for your children in their favourite place in the world… Their bedroom! To do that, nothing could be more simple than all our decoration tips and DIY to create alone or with your family – It’s going to be a great moment of creativity!

Let’s begin with an essential in a child’s bedroom: the desk! Here are some tips to avoid untidiness and give free rein to your imagination. Start with our paper tray DIY to put all your little ones’ school supplies. This little box will also be useful for the little artists in the making whose trained with our drawing tutorials – They will be able to keep all their pieces of art in it. Moreover, to store all your children’s little treasures, you can help them create customised boxes including the beautiful owl-bison-bear totem!

Combine business with pleasure and enjoy your daily program with our weekly planner available for all seasons among the year: summer,fall,winter and springtime. Oversight will become a distant memory!

We keep on going with our creative restyling by taking care of the pens that lie around! You don’t have any personalised pencil case yet? Make some original and 100% recycled pen storage with our pencil holders DIY made from paper rolls: lego, unicorns or robot – There is something for everyone! Do you prefer to reuse your cans? Choose a comic book pencil jar, a superhero pencil jar or a graphic pencil jar! With all that, tidying up their room will become a child’s play.

Now, let’s get closer to mother nature to give a breath of fresh air to your interior! Your plants will be even more beautiful after making our graphic plant pots both modern and colorful. Do you want to grow your own seeds? Admire them growing every day with this Kawaii plant pot DIY. Finally, our advice for those looking for a bit of nature without having a green finger, is to choose our pebble cactus, easy to make and harmless for their little hands!

There you go! Nothing pokes out… or almost! Keep preciously your little ones’ coins in this pretty money box and for their most precious treasures such as their baby tooth follow this tooth fairy box DIY. Your memories will also be part of the decoration with our cactus cork board to hang your best photos and always remember your best moments.

Don’t forget the little extra that will make all the difference! What would a room decoration be without a wall decoration? For a great floor to ceiling decoration, follow our garlands tutorials to make: the koinibori fish garland for a colourful decoration, the yarn ball garland made of balloons and rope, the pom-pom garland made of wool balls and the origami light garland to make with our free download templates! Let’s continue with the art of folding with the origami animal trophies DIY to make with your little ones in a jiffy and hang it on the wall. And to give free rein to their imagination, let the world of dinosaurs, ballerinas, the savannah, the construction site or unicorns take over with our repositionable window stickers!

Finally, to fall asleep after this day rich in creativity, there is nothing like a dream catcher DIY which, according to Amerindian legend, will ward off all nightmares! And to brighten up the bedrooms of the little astronauts, don’t forget to take a look at the indispensable outer space baby mobile DIY.

Discover our tips and DIY for a nice bedroom decoration

Nothing feels better than ending the day with a hot drink to enjoy in his personalised mug – So pretty with its original themes that it can proudly take centre stage on the bedside table or on the desk!