Personalisable pencil case

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Personalisable pencil case

The personalisable pencil case, perfect to gather all of your kids' school belongings! Colouring pencils, feather pen, pencils, felts and compass: your kids won’t be able to lose anymore things thanks to our new entirely personalisable pencil case from the name to the designs.

A nice cotton pencil case that will follow your kids upon their school return! Two models and 11 different themes available so that your kids can choose THE pencil case that suits them: super-heroes, foxes, cactus, football, fruits, skate, surf, pandas and jungle fans, to each his pencil case!


The advantages: 
- natural cotton-made
- 100% personalisable
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Personalisable pencil case

THE new must-have accessory for back to school: discover our new personalisable cotton pencil case! To each its pencil case: two models and 11 different themes so that your kid chooses the pencil case that suits him! super-heroes, foxes, cactus, football, fruits, skate, surf, pandas and jungle fans, to each his pencil case! Dimensions : 22 x Ø7 cm and 20 x 11,5 cm Washing machine resistant up to 20°


With a Nylon zipper system and chrome zip.

Dimensions :

  • 22x Ø7 cm
  • 20 x 11.5 cm

Wash cold or up to 20°C maximum.

Also discover our multipack for school supplies to tag all the notebooks and school books. Each subject has its own unique personalisable label!

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