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Our little ones often have big plans for their future – when they grow up, they want to become pilots, firefighters, veterinarians, secret agents, princesses or superheroes.
You kid is also not an exception to the rule – in the future, they want to be… an astronaut!

Why not? If our national celebrity Tim Peake managed to do so, your kid can do it too. But you have to be patient…

While waiting to get accepted to NASA, your astronaut in the making can already start practising with the onboard equipement. First mission – pilot training with Spaceship Columbia in the living room, watch out for the crash!
Astronauts also have to be in a perfect physical condition, but it is not easy without eating fruits and vegetables… Maybe if they are in the shape of a Rocket Fruit Salad – it will impress even the pickiest eaters.

Birthday and DIY Ideas for Space Enthusiasts

However, now that your child has their head in the stars, it is difficult to come back down to earth. Your new challenge – organising a space-themed birthday party. Assemble the crew for this new space mission with the Space Rocket Birthday Invitations! Also, take a shot at the International Space Station by making the amazing homemade Space Rocket Piñata… 3, 2, 1, successful take-off!

Space travels are charming, but it looks like your little one wants to go further – beyond the galaxy. No problem – intergalactical travels are not scary, as the Jedi in Star Wars© do that all the time.
So that the Force is always strong with them when driving their racing module (a.k.a their bike), your kid needs a cycling helmet (security above all). But not just any – Luke Skywalker’s Helmet can be easily made from the regular helmet and is perfect for wandering accross the galaxy.
To pursue the adventures, create the famous Star Wars X-Wing together with next to nothing thanks to our DIY tutorial!

Birthday and DIY Ideas for Space Enthusiasts

Even the future astronauts and Jedi apprentices go to school! To identify all belongings of the space travellers, we offer customised name labels with a starry background and a range of space-themed illustrations. What is more, isothermal watter bottles and lunch boxes with rocket illustrations will accompany your children on all their adventures.

Your kids want to know more about space, stars and planets? Discover our free Learn About Space activities to help your curious little ones learn while having fun! Our activities consist of the learning part and the fun part, which allows to test your knowledge.

To infinity and beyond!