How to Get Organised When Your Kids Leave on Holiday

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The winter holidays are almost here, so it’s time to get organised for your kids new adventures!

Whether you choose to take them on a family ski trip, send them to camp or leave them with their grandparents, you’ll be needing a few essentials to be well organised.

Your child will soon be going away for a weekend, snow class or summer camp? Here are a few essential tips to help you organise your departure.

Step 1 : Label your child’s clothes and objects.

Label all your children’s clothes and objects to help them find their belongings amongst other children’s in a communal lifestyle. Ideally suited for every kind of school trip or holiday camp, our special holiday camps and ski trips value pack comprises as much as 155 iron-on or stick-on labels for clothes, objects and shoes. You’ll be able to tag every little thing very easily and quickly.

You have very specific needs? Petit-Fernand offers stick-on clothing labels and iron-on labels, but also labels for objects, multi-customisable labels or special labels for shoes. Just pick the ones you need!

Step 2: Organise your child’s suitcase.

Organising your child’s belongings can quickly become a real nightmare! They often have (too) many things, that end up scattered everywhere veeery quickly!! But no need to panic, we’ve thought of everything! Toothbrushes, toothpaste and hairbrushes will fit perfectly in our lovely  customisable toiletry bag made of organic cotton.

At the same time you can customise and order one or more personalised cotton bags available in different sizes. Size S will be ideal to store all the little jewels, hair slides, scrunchies and tiny accessories your little one loves. Size M can be useful to store underwear and indispensable little toys… No more socks lying around, at last! And finally size L will be wonderful to hold your child’s dirty laundry.

Now that the clothes are nicely folded, and all the different bags well arranged, you can close the suitcase. But before leaving, don’t forget to tag it with your child’s name and address thanks to our luggage stick-on labels!

Step 3: Prepare the departure.

The suitcase is closed, everything has been labelled… It’s time to hit the road! Be it a family air trip or car trip, it often feels sooo long! So for everybody’s wellbeing, always carry a  personalised isothermal water bottle with you, the essential item for all trips and outings.

Now when your little one becomes hungry, or craves a snack or a sandwich, you’ll be super glad to have it all stored in your 100% personalised lunchbox for kids! It’ll keep all the food and drinks cool for a few hours thanks to an ice pack, an intermediate box and two removable containers. It’ll be just the amount of time you need to reach your destination or next stop.

Your child will soon be going away for a weekend, snow class or summer camp? Here are a few essential tips to help you organise your departure.

Everything’s set, you’re ready to go now… And it’s time for us to wish you happy holidays!