Our name labels for holiday camps and school trips

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Our name labels for holiday camps and school trips

£32.00 value pack contains 160 labels

Save £16 with our Holiday Camp / School trip Pack!
With all of this pack's different designs, you can easily label and identify all of your child's clothes and belongings – so that the ski trip is a real holiday ! This pack includes everything you need to make sure that what leaves comes back home. 

But the best part is, you can personalise your labels' backgrounds, fonts, font colours and illustrations! 

For clothes:

- 40 stick-on labels
- 20 iron-on labels (1 line of text)
- 10 iron-on labels (2 lines of text)

For objects:

- 20 Mini item stickers
- 40 item stickers (1 line)
- 10 item stickers (2 lines)
- 10 round stick-on labels


- and 10 shoe labels

The advantages:

- Quick to apply on garments
- Easy to make: in just a few clicks, create a personal label 

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Our name labels for holiday camps and school trips

Save £16 with our Holiday Camp / School trip Pack!
For your children's holiday camps, summer camps and school trips, everything must be labelled and easily identified, so that all of their belongings make it safely back home. For that reason, the Petit-Fernand team has come up with an assortment that includes everything you'll need, from iron-on name labels to stick-on clothing labels and item stickers. Plus, you can personalise every single type of label for fun and personal name tags!


Because going on holiday camps and school trips means that everything must be labelled down, the Petit-Fernand team has come up with an assortment of all types of labels for all you need: 30 iron-on labels to apply on any garment, 40 stick-on clothing labels to apply on care labels and 90 item stickers to apply on all smooth-surfaced objets: ski helmet, toothbrush, ski, ski poles... To make sure that your child is ready for school trips and holiday camps, discover our customisable children's stainless steel isothermal water bottles. And for holidays or weekends, everyone has their own personalised toiletry bag!

Media & blog reviews

When I ordered the labels, I was able to personalise every single line. From colours and fonts, to pictures to go on each label. I particularly like the pictures because when your child starts school, they obviously can’t read. So having colours and pictures that they can identify as theirs is really helpful.

Laura's Lovely Blog

I was surprised by how quickly the labels arrived and was most impressed when they turned up these lovely little books. Which makes them super easy to store and less likely for me to lose them. There is also clear instructions in the books which tells you how to apply the different labels. Everything you need is included.

Mudpie Fridays

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