Our activities for the Holiday Season

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Our activities for the Holiday Season

Don’t you look forward to the Holiday Season all year long? All the delicious meals and wonderful presents… What a thrilling atmosphere! But not exactly a walk in the park…

Discover our range of activities to keep your little ones busy and happy during the Christmas Holidays.

Discover all the activities we thought of for you, so you could have a peaceful time during the holidays with your family, and your children (very impatient indeed of course!) would have their creative minds occupied. Our ideas range from the most traditional to the most creative Christmas time activities, with which your little ones will have a 100% fun holiday experience.

A festive atmosphere

Let’s go to the Christmas Market! Such a special must if you’re a Christmas fan. Take your time ambling past beautiful cabins packed with original presents, handmade crafts and plenty of delicious snacks, under sparkling illuminations. Your children will be so thrilled!

Once you get home they’ll surely love to build their own little huts! Check out our DIYs Christmas table decorations and Gingerbread house surprise box. ?

For sports fans

Let’s do some sports to beat the cold… and at Christmas it means ice skating, of course! Don’t forget your isothermal water bottle to stay hydrated loop after loop. Whether they find themselves in the air making double axels or falling flat on their bottoms, everybody will have a lot of fun! And after all this dancing on ice, you’ll really enjoy a home-made hot cocoa with delicious little hedgehog shortbreads, Mmmh!

Aspiring artists

You’re surrounded with snow? Let’s put our gloves on and run outside to make a giant snowman in the garden! Find fun accessories in the house and it’ll come alive like Olaf in Frozen. And if you don’t see any snow coming soon, well no problem, take your nicest pencils and get creative all afternoon! Teach your little ones how to draw Wintertime and send them to the North Pole by colouring arctic animals like white bears and seals. And for mountain lovers, discover our mountain animals tutorial.

Do you want to live amazing adventures?

The Christmas holidays wouldn’t be so exciting without cult movies to watch again and again. You never get tired of all those wonderful stories that take you up to the Far North. The Grinch had better behave, Christmas this year will be more fun than ever because your little ones will be the heroes of their own adventures! Discover our Animal of the Forest DIY Puppets and easily create a fantastic shadow theater to give life to all their Christmas favorites.

Discover our range of activities to keep your little ones busy and happy during the Christmas Holidays.

Well, now the whole family’s ready to have a fun and creative holiday! And if you wish to prepare the start of the new year (or write down all your resolutions ?), find out about our printable weekly agenda to make it a success!