Hooray! It’s crepe day!

The news

This year take the time to gather your family for a French-crepe-day party!
You’re gonna love it!

Almost 40 days have passed since Christmas celebrations and it’s now time to get your loved ones reunited for sweet delicacies. February 2nd French celebration — la Chandeleur — gives the greatest opportunity to share lovely moments with your children. For that, we have selected original recipes. Feel free to warm up your belly and try the star of the day: French crepe or either other tasty recipes!


It's time to treat ourselves with French crepes and other delicious recipes!

The authentic one

Whether naked, jam-spread or chocolate-spread, crepe goes with anything and please all the family.

Any crepe lovers there? This way, please! Eggs, flour, milk, (a little bit of oil) and it’s done! There’s no other thing needed to make the perfect crepe! Here it is, our classic crepe recipe to spread with anything you like. Don’t forget to train your wrist-twist to carry out the nicest dough discs!

The original one

If you want to pimp this basic recipe, here is a tasty other version of it: sweet crepe rolls! The originality and playful side of this version will delight your little ones. This is a real family activity! Check out the different versions: will you go for the chocolate version, the fruity one or both?

The UK vs the US

What a game! Let the pancakes and the doughnuts get into the ring! Will you rather go for the sweetness of maple syrup and the warmth of pancakes or for the sparkling session with your kids on the doughnut icing? Whatever you chose, you will enjoy every bite for sure! Yum!

The puffed-up ones

If you want to go further on this party and get your guests impressed, you may try European doughnuts recipes! If you want something sweet and traditional, try the Angel Wings recipe and don’t forget about the icing sugar on it just before serving! Looking for a fruity recipe? You can bake the apple fritters for a healthier version of the American doughnuts. For a perfect mix of both light and tasty: go for the fluffy chou buns recipe, an airy little bite with sugar pearls on top.

Drink me!

French tradition allows you to treat yourself with cider. But this time, kids will also have their drink! Get the pleasure to prepare some homemade hot chocolate in our personalised mugs! Looking for something lighter? Try our winter smoothie recipe with a good taste of kiwi and banana.

Is someone about to grow up in the tribe?

Among your kids, maybe one is about to blow out birthday candles on this day… Take advantage of this occasion to bake a stunning pancake layer cake! And for a little bit of teasing, mind the donut birthday invitations.

It's time to treat ourselves with French crepes and other delicious recipes!

Time to treat yourself!