Jam jar and preserve labels

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Summer is here…and it comes with many colourful and juicy fruits! It’s the perfect opportunity to pot your jams and marmelades to enjoy the sweetness of summer all year round.

Homemade jams are delicious and allow you to keep the taste, the freshness and the nutritional intakes of your seasonal fruits. Your jams are going to become your family breakfasts and snacks’ best friends!

For cooking-lovers, it’s a great way to avoid waste and can your preparations. Therefore, the Petit-Fernand team has created the ideal jar labels that add a colourful touch to your culinary creations.

When your preparations are ready, pour them while warm into sterilised jars. To keep bacterias and mould from multiplying, clean the edges, close the jars and sterilise them once more. Once they’re dry, choose the label of your liking and write down the name of your recipe and its preparation date. To preserve your preparations, put the labelled jars in a cool, dry and, if possible, dark place.

Pot_Abricot_Uk  Jam Jar and Preserve Labels  Pot_Fraise_2_Uk

To write the jar’s content down, a simple marker will do the trick. Once the jar is empty, you can erase the marker with a damp sponge or cloth, allowing you to rewrite on your labels. They’re really easy to applu and their protective film makes them water, dishwasher, micro-wave and refrigerator-safe.

Pot_Abricot_2  Pot_Cerise_Uk  Pot_Exotique_Uk

For all homemade jam-lovers, our labels are the perfect items for delicious, colourful and authentic breakfasts and snacks! There are many colours and possibilities to suit all of your homemade recipes of healthy, simple but delicious jams.

Thanks to their oval shape, our labels are made to fit your jars and preserves, and their size (56 x 36mm) offers all of the necessary space to write down the content, date, and, why not, a little note ? For your family or as gifts, our jar labels will add a little something special to all of your recipes.

Each jar will find its pattern: pineapple, kiwi, pear, melon, apple, peach, cherry, strawberry, arlequin, herringbone, flamingos, dots, flowers, gingham, green, orange, pink, blue… There’s something for everyone.

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