Labels for homemade jam and marmalade jars   

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Summer is finally here… and it brings us a myriad of colourful and tasty fruit! This is your chance to fill jars with jams, marmalades and compotes to enjoy the flavours of summer all year round. For this, you will obviously need jam jar labels.   

Whether it’s strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb or apricot jam, there will be something for everyone 😊   

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Personalised labels to mark your jars of homemade jam

personalised jam labels

Homemade jams are tasty and allow you to preserve the taste, freshness and nutritional qualities of your seasonal fruits. Your jams will be perfect for family breakfasts and children’s snacks!  

For cooking enthusiasts, this is a good way to avoid waste and preserve preparations. We have created personalised jam labels that are ideal for adding the finishing touch to your culinary creations.  

Once your preparations are ready, pour them into sterilised jars while still hot. To prevent the growth of mould and bacteria, clean the rims thoroughly, seal the jars and re-sterilise them. When they are completely dry, choose whichever sticker you like and write the name of your recipe and the date it was put in the jar. To keep your preparations at their best, put the labelled jars in a dry place and, preferably, in the dark. 

These homemade jam labels can be stuck to many surfaces, such as glass or plastic, and are also water, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator resistant.  

Zero waste wipe-clean, reusable labels

At C-Mon Etiquette we offer you labels for your jam jars that you can use as many times as you like. They are, in fact, customisable wipe-clean labels! A simple marker pen is enough to write the contents of the jar on the label. When it’s empty, you can wipe off your inscription with a sponge or damp cloth so you can write on the labels again. They are also very easy to apply, and their protective film makes them water, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator resistant.  

 Our stick-on labels are perfect companions for breakfasts and for genuine-tasting, colourful, gourmet teas! There are plenty of options and recipes for simple, healthy jams for those who like to make responsible choices.  

 With their oval shape, our labels are perfectly suitable for pots, glass jars and home-made preserves. Their large size (56 mm x 36 mm) offers all the space you need to write the content and the date, as well as a few additional words. Whether you’re going to enjoy them with your family or give them as a gift, our jam labels will add a cheerful touch of colour to all your preparations!  

So, now you have no excuse not to make your own jams! Also discover our labels for homemade cleaning products!