Our baby food jars

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Our baby food jars

With its oval shape, our baby food jar labels mould every jar shape, whether it's plastic or glass. They're really useful to label down the ingredients and preparation date of each homemade baby food jar with a simple whiteboard or permanent marker. After use, you can simply wipe everything off with a damp sponge or 90° alcohol. Also, check out our iron-on labels to identify clothes and any fabric, and our stick-on labels for your children's belongings (shoes, feeding bottles, nursery products, etc.). Labelling your belongings has never been so fun!

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Our baby food jars

Our baby food labels are the perfect companion for your homemade goods and your baby's food diversification. They are fully rewritable so that you can use these labels over and over gain. Also, they come in 7 different designs and each leaflet has 6 unique labels that are water, washer, micro-wave and refrigerator resistant.


Mark all of your homemade baby food jars with our pretty adhesive labels! Thanks to their rewritable surface, you can name, wipe and name your jars over and over again. These labels are water, washer, micro-wave and refrigerator resistant...which makes them the perfect companion for your baby's food diversification! 


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The baby jar food labels were a godsend. I used a wipe-clean marker on the label and it’s worked brilliantly.

Nunn The Wiser

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