Little Indians, on your horses!

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Playing cowboys and Indians for kids is truly an adventure. They can imagine incredible scenarios with entire Indian tribes in the living room, and every plant can become a bush to hide. It’s perfect for spying a cowboy who is approaching (i.e. dad) before asking for a bag of sweets as a ransom (from mummy).

Unfortunately, when the weather is not good enough to play outside, or when the TV and video games are not enough to calm them down, your kids might need a little help… So if yout little one is a real budding Indian, it’s time to spend an afternoon in the Wild West!

Like every self-respecting Indian, they need a decent teepee. That’s perfect as many kids enjoy building tents – a couple of blankets over the furniture in the living room, some cushions, rugs… and voilà!

However, your little one is not alone as they have their favourite playing buddies around them all day long. You can help them make a mini Indian teepee for their loyal adventure partners with our free printable template and a couple of wooden sticks. In 5 mins, you are ready to go!

Indian-themed DIY Ideas for Kids

When you think about Native Americans, you obviously think about totems. To distinguish different tribes and their territories, you can make colourful totem poles from recyclable materials.
It looks like an essential element is still missing before going on an adventure… A fancy dress costume, of course! Thanks to our printable Grand Chief headdress and our tutorial of how to make an Indian tomahawk, your little one will be ready to dominate their tribe and to fight off the enemies.

After all these adventures, a good snack is a must to regain the energy. While you are preparing the treats with our illustrated recipes (or one of your old-but-gold recipes), your little one can exercise by doing the Sun Dance around the dining room table. Who knows, maybe it will stop raining?

To finish this lovely day, before the night falls, you can craft a dreamcatcher to hang over your little chef’s bed. It will catch all the nightmares and let only the sweet dreams pass. Now your kid can rest after a long trip to the Wild West…

Indian-themed DIY Ideas for Kids

So that your little Indian wouldn’t have to go hunting buffaloes in the plains, or looking for fresh water in the river, they can personalise a lunch box and an isothermal water bottle in the colours of their tribe!

To stop confusing their belonging with those of their friends, it’s enough to mark the belongings, clothes and shoes with our 100% personalisable labels, brightened up by Native American-themed illustrations. Perfect for the adventurers of the Prairies!

So, are we watching Pocahontas or Spirit tonight?