Getting ready for Christmas

The news

Christmas is coming! With everything you have to prepare, have you thought about everything?


Whether you’re really fond of big family reunions or smaller festivities, you’re going to have to take a lot of details into account before the big day: the Christmas tree, the food, the outfit, the decorations, and of course… gifts!

Have your little ones already written their letter to Father Christmas (or marked pages in gift catalogues taht you’ve received in the mail)?  They probably have been excited to do so, but if it’s not the case, they should get cracking: first of all, because the postal delays to Lapland are already super long, but also because you could have it done as soon as possible and get it out of the way. If possible, before everyone thinks of doing the same…  Yep, even if we all want to avoid the crowds of people in stores, we always tend to do it at the last minute.

Not this year! This time, note everything down on a pretty winter planner so you have all the preparation steps at hand. Although, you should let it out of your little ones’ eyes, you never know. You can always pretend you’ve just found Mother Christmas’ winter schedule.

If there’s a really good reason for which kids await the month of December with such impatience, it’s the moment to open their Advent calendars. What better way to test their capacity to be patient and reasonable, by opening a little box each day… Even so, we’ve all at least once accelerated the process by scarfing down all of your candy for two weeks straight.

Christmas Ideas DIY

But rather than buying a calendar in stores with low quality chocolates, have your little ones making their own with your help! Discover our selection of Advent Calendars and pick yours. For exemple, the one in the shape of a reindeer head can be the perfect fit if you have many children: you would only have to create different packs for everyday. Moreover, it’s a great house decoration and your little ones will take care, if you let them participate in the creation.

Another great classic is the Christmas stocking that you can hang on your chimney (or elsewhere), and Father Christmas will fill with candy.

This year, we’re offering an amazing alternative to the classic stocking: a customisable Christmas stocking, that you can colour, with a gingerbread winter scene. Your kids will be glad to have one with their name on it, that they can colour while awaiting for the red coat man and his sleigh, but they’ll also make for a great gift for your nephews, nieces, cousins, etc… We’re even offering the fabric markers to get started!

Speaking of personalized products that would make nice Xmas gifts, that would be original and practical, discover our customisable lunchboxes and water bottles. Have them personalized according to your taste or the person to whom you’d like to gift the item: choose a theme, a message, a colour and you’ll make a hit for sure.

Christmas Ideas DIY

You’ve already bought your Christmas tree? Big, small, real or fake, it’s often the moment all children await for to decorate it (even if parents are thinking of the dreadful moment when the tree is to be discarded and having to pick up every single thorn).

For a more personal decoration that kids can help to create, you can make itty bitty little Christmas elves using pine cones to hang in the tree: these little helpers will assist Santa Claus in distributing everyone’s gifts under the tree, once night time has fallen…

By the way, doesn’t Father Christmas deserve a little gift as well, for coming all this way? Surely, he loves snacks, so help your little ones make some gingerbread paper houses filled with delicious biscuits and candy, that he’ll love having for his next trip.

At this moment, you’re nearly done! You just have to make a few Christmas crackers filled with mini gifts to decorate your table and to treat both little ones… and adults! That might keep them waiting until the ultimate moment of gift opening. You can also make your own snow globes that anyone will love playing with during dinner.


You’re finally ready for Christmas!