Baby food jar labels

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If you’re planning your baby’s food diversification and your homemade recipe lists are finally ready, you’ve come to the right place! Petit-Fernand has created colourful and original labels to tag your baby’s purées and other tasty food jars.

Food diversification is a delicate yet essential step in your baby’s life, as it involves slowly incorporating new tastes in his diet. Therefore, choosing quality ingredients is important, to give your child healthy habits from the earliest days.

But “food diversification” means “homemade preparations” and, therefore, “baby food jars”… Certain parents would rather buy their baby food in stores, but others like to prepare and cook their purées, which is a good way to reduce waste (packagins, plastic containers, glass or aluminium) to preserve the environment and handle the composition of their baby’s diet. Needless to say, it’s also a more affordable solution!

To support you through the food diversification stages, Petit-Fernand suggests labelling your homemade jars with beautiful labels that will help you know what your little jars contain and their manufacturing date.

But our labels aren’t only made for baby food jars! They are suitable for any kind of preparation, like pesto, homemade purées, applesauce or any vacuum-packed preparation for the rest of the family. And with our cute, colourful patterns, there’s something for everyone: pineapple, citrus, kiwi, pear, melon, peach, peppers, carotts, tomatos, arlequin, pink flamingos, dots, flowers, gingham…

Pot_bebe_Uk Pot_Puree_Uk

Our labels are dishwasher, micro-wave, refrigerator and freezer-resistant, without damage. The surfaces on which the labels will be stuck have to be clean and dry. After applying the label, press on it for a few seconds and let it adhere for 24 hours before using or cleaning the jar. Use a simple marker to label your jars’ contents and their manufacturing date. Then, use a damp sponge or 90° alcohol (according to the used marker) to wipe off the text.

Pot_Carrote_Uk (1) Pot_Pois_Uk

As soon as your preparations are done, do not forget to keep your vacuum-packed jars in the refrigerator and to eat them in the next 24 hours to prevent bacteria proliferation. Petit-Fernand, wishes a great food diversification to all parents!

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