Perfect picnic for a sunny afternoon

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Beautiful days are back! Why not take advantage of them to organise a family picnic?

There’s nothing more simple to do if you want to please both the little and the big ones! All you need to do is go through a couple of steps of planning to spend the perfect afternoon with your kiddies.

Why not organise the picnic with other parents? Your kids would be able to play with their friends, and you could spend some time with yours. Just start planning in advance – you can take notes on our Summer Planner.

Choose your favourite park, forest, garden, etc., ideally not far from where you live, and make sure it is allowed to picnic in your selected location. Yes, some of the areas might be prohibited. And of course, keep an eye on the weather forecast!

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On the actual day, it’s time to prepare the lunch: sandwiches, salad, sweets, crisps, fruits, yoghurt… don’t forget the drinks (and the cutlery). You can make the preparations much more fun with our Cat Sandwich – you can find more picnic food ideas in our Fun Food section.

For the dessert, make your children feel like real chefs by letting them participate in the preparation of some delicious recipes.
Once the lunch is packed in your lunch boxes (very useful!), you can also fill up your isothermal water bottles that will keep your drinks fresh. It’s time to go!

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When you get there, it’s not enough to have a good lunch – it’s time for your kids (and you) to play! To keep the pace, you can alternate between active games and the more quiet ones.
For example, playing Tag or Statues never goes out of fashion – you don’t need any equipment and the rules are very simple, so these games will please everyone and will be perfect for playing outside.
Likewise, a ball, a frisbee or rackets can allow you to have fun quite easily. Also, you can make your kids participate in the preparations by crafting a Pirate Coconut Shy before the D-day!
To calm down, take out the cards! The possibilities are countless – from traditional card games, to Happy Families, Uno and even a DIY Memory game.
Are you in a mood to tell a story about the whole family? Start a game of Werewolves!

Lunch is finished, children (and you) are tired, it’s time to go home. Shall we do this again next weekend?