Get ready for a terrifying Halloween party!

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Halloween is coming in a few days … If you love to celebrate Halloween with family, then this article full of trembling DIY is for you!

Find out our activities and DIY for a thrilling Halloween party!

Next week-end is Halloween and Halloween means… decoration and costume! To get ready and be 100% in Halloween’s mood, you have to prepare all the decoration… which can take some time! That’s why a few days before, your little monsters can train and learn to draw witches, ghosts or even evil pumpkins! Once all the drawings are ready, just hang them in the room to decorate and add a touch of horror! ?

After tested the skills of your little monsters, the decoration can continue! Let’s go to the living room – rather than digging a real pumpkin to recreate a terrifying Halloween atmosphere, make in a few steps some scary candle holders DIY! You can also prepare bewitched beverages and Halloween decorations for a setting worthy of the greatest horror movies.

Now that all Halloween decors are ready, it’s time to dress up! Everyone must be disguised! You can find costumes in shops or even better… you can make them yourself and create terrible Halloween make-ups: witches, vampire or even werewolf!

It’s time… Before starting this trembling day, they have to build up their strengths. And to stay in the mood, nothing better than a frightening meal prepared with only a few ingredients. Follow our healthy recipe for a 100% Halloween lunch that will scare all your friends!

Even if there is no neighborhood tour, your little monsters will have the perfect storage for their treats in our Halloween candy box. In a few minutes you can make your little candy bags with zombie, cat or pumpkin illustrations! With these terrifying boxes, you’ll be able to scare all the family! But no matter who will be the winner of the best costume, everyone deserves its reward! Who wants to taste a terribly delicious spider cake? Little monsters will love it for sure! But it can happen that some of them are afraid… that’s why you can also bake spider cookies, less scary but equally greedy. And for those who do not really like spiders, we have found a solution: a healthy snack with ghosts, pumpkins and cats.

After this delicious snack, let’s continue in an evil atmosphere by making zombie toys! In no time at all, children will be able to create an army of zombies ready to terrorize the whole world. To avoid confusing toys and easily identify who they belong to, you can tag them with our personalised labels with Halloween illustrations. So, everyone can bring their zombie toy back home to keep a memory of this amazing day!

Find out our activities and DIY for a thrilling Halloween party!

To keep on with Halloween traditions, do not forget the essential horror movie! Don’t panic, you can reassure yourself in front of the movie with a hot drink to enjoy in our personalised mug!