A wooden label made in Europe for bags and schoolbags

The news

Last month, it was back to school (Yes!)!
A start to the new school year which – like the year 2020 as a whole – is a bit special and highlights the importance of health measures. In this context, it is more necessary than ever to identify children’s school supplies. So to make things easier for you, the Petit-Fernand team has thought of you and is adding bags and schoolbags labels made of french beech wood to its collection of self-adhesive labels and iron-on labels for clothing, customisable self-adhesive labels for objects and all its other personalised products! A great way to equip children for the new school year!

A more relaxed back-to-school with identified bags and schoolbags.

A little anecdote… Perhaps you have already experienced the same situation?

It all started one evening after school. Our Emma arrives running, proud of her last good mark and her face glowing – a sign of a beautiful day at school. We chat for a few moments with the other parents before we take our bikes home and have a nice family snack. On the way home, she tells us about her day: the very hard maths exercise, how she won all the marbles during school break, why she had argued with Gabriel (he was wrong anyway!), … and above all, how delighted she was with the mark she got at her last evaluation (“even Amy got a lower mark, can you imagine?). When she got home, she ran into the entrance and opened her bag, eager to show us the famous copy. And there… That’s the drama: Emma has swapped her bag with Rose.

“I don’t understand how it happened…”
Well, my dear Emma, you and Rose have the same tastes!
Just imagine that the story has been resolved: we contacted little Rose’s parents and proceeded to exchange bags.
An adventure that seems quite singular but that happens more often than you might think!

So there you go. How can you tell the difference between two strictly identical bags and find your child’s belongings?

For after school activities, there is the customisable cotton bag, but it may not be suitable for use as a schoolbag. So for the new school year, we went for the latest fashionable schoolbag, the one Emma ab-so-lu-te-ly wanted. We don’t change them every year, so the schoolbag is her fashion accessory. THE supply she chooses like a grown girl. Which, of course, can lead to situations like the one described above. That’s when the idea came to us: we, who label all school supplies (from pencils to notebooks, scissors, glue tubes and other accessories), why not label the schoolbag? So yes, we thought of the self-adhesive address labels we use to label the suitcases. But in the end, it seemed too inconspicuous to us. Especially since Emma has already started school in first grade, but her little brother is still in preschool… And at that age, the more visible the labels are, the better!

Thus began a long phase of reflection: on the label we wanted, its material, its size. After several months of testing and crash-testing (there were many), we came up with the label for bags and schoolbags. If you go and see the product description (maybe you’ve even ordered yours already!), you’ll see that it is 100% made in Europe. This was really important to us. The label is made of PEFC-certified french beech wood. You’ve may already have heard of it: PEFC is quite simply the “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme”; a private forest certification that guarantees the sustainable management of forests. The wooden label thus has a reduced environmental impact: for every tree felled, more are planted. A made in France and eco-friendly product, isn’t that great? Responsible consumption: one of our little gestures for the planet!

This new school year, Emma made it with her labelled school supplies, her customisable can (she decided she was too old for the children’s water bottle), and her personalised lunchbox; all in her beautiful fashionable schoolbag, identified with a wooden label… on the theme of the unicorn!

A more relaxed back-to-school with identified bags and schoolbags.

And you, how was the start of your kids new school year?