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After school activities for children  

This new school year has begun, and your little ones are excited for after school activities? Petit-Fernand has decided to go over all the activities that can be chosen by your children to help you making a choice!

For soccer enthusiasts, the after school activity will doubtless be football! Your little one is just waiting for one thing once coming back to home: put on its soccer cleats and run into the garden to score goals! He goes limp during half-time? Give him our energy balls that you could make in a simple way and he’ll get full of energy for the rest of the day. Do not forget to give him its personalised water bottle for keeping him hydrated all day long with our “Football” theme.

Your little girl has always dreamt of becoming a prima ballerina while watching the Nutcracker? Give her some ballet shoes so that she can dance at her best and can be the star during her dance show! Do not forget to label all her clothes and more particularly her tutu with our clothes labels. And for her dancing slippers, find out our shoes labels with our “Kawaii” theme, a world full of fantasy and creativity.

Music lovers? Create fantastic symphonies (sometimes equivalent to cacophonies) with our cardboard ukulele. Looking for exotic notes? Try our homemade tom-tom drum, made in a split of scissors. And if music is not the activity they prefer, they could at least be an expert of it by drawing it.

Are you children more skilful with a pen in their hand? Let them share their creativity with our drawing DIY: space, pets, and so many others! For colourful drawing, join in and make your own chalks. Once the masterpieces are done, they can be stored in our paper tray that you’d made with some cereal packages. So, do they have the flair of Miró or Picasso?

Our little actors will thread the stage and handle the art of shadow puppets like never! What if during an improvisation, they may need some help to get into their role, they could put on our animals or super-hero masks!

Once this year activity has been chosen, do not forget to label all your little ones belongings so that they can’t lose them thanks to our iron-on clothing labels and stick-on clothing labels.

After school activities for children

And for the whole family to develop their hands’ agility, get together around a classic: the Mikado game! Who’s going to pull out most sticks? 😉