Under the sea

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Your little one wants to travel the seven seas?
Petit-Fernand proposes you to spend a day full of surprises into the abyss!

Check out our summer holidays activities for your little one!

Before getting on board, make sure everything is ready for the departure! Ensure that your little sailor’s equipment is well organised and tagged with our personalised iron-on clothing labels and stick-on clothing labels.

All ahead full, mateys! Hoist up the mainsail and go on an adventure for summer holidays! Adventurers, don’t forget your pirate hat, which can easily be made in a few minutes, and sail to new horizons!

To make the long journey more bearable, equip your little one with a travel notebook with plenty of activities: colouring images, connect the dots and spot the difference games… They will have the time to barely start and you will have already reached your destination!

The heatwave doesn’t show any sign of mercy and your children’s only wish is to jump in the water? Before heading out to the open ocean, make sure you bring all the summer essentials with you: towels, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and water supplies to quench your thirst! Just head to the beach and your little ones will be just like fish in the sea!

The swells are too big and the waves are out of control? So let it be, they can always have fun out of the water, sailing back to the harbor. A scoop, a bucket, some wet sand: here’s everything you need to organise the greatest sand castle contest!

Continue your day at the seaside by discovering all the sea creatures with our crab fun food and our boat fun food! Craving another dessert? Check out our fruit popsicles recipe to end your meal with a fresh and healthy treat!

Adventurers, can you think of a better place where to celebrate than the ocean? Our shark birthday invitations are perfect to start the festivities and to dive into the fresh water. Surfers, keep your eyes wide open: swimming is at your own risk!

Between two port calls, enjoy a fun moment with our origami fish game. Challenge your little one with creative true or dare questions! Furthermore, with our pirate coconut shy DIY, your little ones can enjoy a classic carnival game while staying in the sea theme! We did not forget your little artist: follow our tutorials and teach them to draw their own pirate ship!

Check out our personalised products and labels

If your little one has developed a true passion for the sea and for the nautical world, check out our sea and surf themed illustrations on our isothermal water bottle. Perfect to keep yourself hydrated for the whole journey!