Everybody loves a cactus!

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Green but also evergreen, small or big, slender or rounded, funny looking and yet…a bit thorny! What are we talking about? About cactuses, of course!
Those lovely little plants are in fact the last trend when it comes to interior design! Would you like to learn more about the subject?
Read this article and become a true cactus expert!

When you think about cactuses, it’s impossible not to think about those thorns as well! How can you give in to trendiest decor while keeping your little one safe? Don’t worry, Petit-Fernand knows exactly how to decorate your house with some harmless (and thorn less) cactuses! Follow our dedicated DIY project and make your own little cactus! Some paint and pebbles are all you need to spend one merry afternoon with your family!

Follow our dedicated DIY projects to decorate your house with cactuses!

Once the DIY is finished, surprise your children with some fun facts about those thorny plants. For example, did you know that cactuses come in all sizes and shapes? The smallest are only 1cm high, while the biggest can reach a height of 20m! What’s more, taking care of them is very easy, as they only need few attentions and just some drops of water… maybe everyone can have a green thumb after all!

Talking about plants, don’t you suddenly feel like gardening? You can make those fantastic graphic plant pots with your little ones! Follow our DIY instructions and your cactuses will stand out for originality in an easy and quick way!

After all these crafty projects, it’s already time for a snack! Did you know that cactuses are also known as succulents? Speaking of, you can also prepare a “succulent” cactus! With this fun food tutorial, eating healthy becomes funny, too, and your little ones will have their five a day with pleasure!

Once your little ones have restored their energies with the fruity snacks, carry on with more funny activities! If you share the cowboy craze, surely those exotic plants will remind you of the Wild West! Don’t miss our dedicated “draw me western” drawings to finish your afternoon with creativity!

While the children are drawing, you can finally relax by reading a good novel! You won’t lose your page for sure, with our cactus shaped bookmark clips (check out all the different shapes)!

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If you enjoyed reading about cactuses and you’ve just discovered a new passion for those adorable plants of the desert, you cannot miss the special illustrations available on our products! Personalise your lunchbox, your water bottle and your mug with our flamingos & cactuses theme. You can also find a little cactus pot on the personalised labels!