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Dreaming about an exotic holiday? No need to hop on the next flight to Cancun!
Follow our advice and recreate the perfect tropical getaway without leaving the house!?

Head to the tropics for a day with our activity programme of activities!

Sun, heat, beautiful beaches: those are all the perfect ingredients for a great holiday abroad! Quite a change from the infamous British weather, isn’t it? While you are waiting for the summer holidays, check out our ideas to spend one day at the tropics without leaving your house!

Get your little one involved and invite all their friends, with our fruit party invitations. They are so quick and easy to make, all you need is a pair of good scissors! Shaped in the form of watermelons and citrus fruits, they are perfect to refresh the house!

When you say tropics, you also say beach! Create your own tropical island: with our DIY projects, nothing could be easier. Discover how to make your own homemade sand, add some old shells, which you have collected on your previous holidays and here’s the perfect place to take a quick nap in the shade of palm tree!

Should you get hungry, stay in the theme and make these delicious sugar palmier biscuit, easy to make and perfect to be served in your flamingo and cactus personalised lunchbox.

What about some fruit to go with the biscuits? Refresh yourself with our coconut tree shaped fruit salad, and also this red berry smoothie recipe. Before serving, do not forget to decorate the glass with some cocktail umbrellas, and you will feel like you are sipping your drink at the Bahamas!

To be original, you can also serve it in our pineapple and watermelon personalised mug: it will taste even better!

We didn’t forget that children love to play and so we prepared plenty of activities to keep them busy! Board games are perfect for a group of friends: why don’t you try our summer memory game? Palms: check! Beaches: check! Coconuts: check! Nothing’s missing. Moreover, with our tropical domino game, the littles ones can challenge themselves with many different combinations. Who will be the winner of the day?

Sitting back is out of the question: after making them think with those games of logic, what’s better that unleashing their creativity with this tropical foam stamp DIY? Some palm leaves, tracing paper, paint, cardboard and glue: here’s everything you need to make some pretty tropical decorations!

If this article inspired you to jump on the next flight and get to the nearest tropical island straight away, take comfort with this floating island dessert: don’t they always say that food is just another way of travelling? To prepare yourself for when the vacation time will come, download this weekly summer planner and get organised! ?

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