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The news

Today, Petit-Fernand is extending its range of personalised products. Can you guess which new comer is joining us?

Because we are super nice, we will start by giving you a few clues:

  • We all have at least one of them in our kitchen,
  • It is a must-have item for daily use, either for kids or grown-ups,
  • It is used to drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate if you have a sweet tooth,
  • They come in all sizes and colours…

You guessed it, our new product is a mug!

Kids and adults customisable mug gift

On the inside? Select the colour of your choice amongst red, yellow, blue, pink and royal blue.

On the outside? This becomes more interesting because you have more than 28 scenes available to illustrate your mug, including five new scenes! We are offering a unicorn, a mermaid, kawaii, princesses, superheroes, football, street art, and many more: there is something to fit every personality, whether you’re a child or an adult.

To make this mug even more unique, write the text you’d like by selecting the font and font colour of your choice. It can be a name, a cute nickname, a fun or caring message.

These new mugs are perfect for your kids, who can each have their own and customise it depending on their personality. Why wouldn’t you get one for each family member, children and grown-ups? You won’t have to argue about who is using which cup anymore, because now, everybody has their own.

By the way, a customised mug is the perfect idea to give as a present on winter holidays. Whether it’s Grandmother’s Day, your friend’s birthday, or even Christmas, you are assured to make someone happy with a personalised gift (especially if you fill it with treats beforehand).

Kids and adults customisable mug gift

To offer you a gentle transition between your kitchen and the outside world, we also offer customisable isothermal water bottles and lunchboxes for your little ones. Stainless steel and phthalates-free, the water bottles and their leak-free cap will accompany your children on all their adventures. Regarding your BPA-free lunchbox, it will keep your kiddos’ meal cool thanks to its removable ice pack, and can also be microwaved to eat homemade dishes for lunch.

Now, you just have to choose which one you’ll like!