Big personalisable santa sack for putting presents in

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The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start the preparations. We’re already buying and wrapping our first presents and we’ll soon be putting them safely in our personalisable Santa sack. This large cotton bag will be useful on Christmas Day for putting the presents in and decorating the foot of your Christmas tree, but it can also serve as a storage bag for the rest of the year.

personalised christmas sack

Put all your presents in our personalisable Santa sack

Thanks to its XXL size, you can put all your presents, big or small, in our personalised Christmas sack. It’s 80 cm high by 50 cm wide so you can fit plenty of gifts in it: Lego sets, Barbies, dolls, wooden toys, cars and many more. Your kids will love taking all their toys out of their personalised Christmas sack to unwrap!

To give your sack a magical touch, you can personalise it by choosing its colour, illustration (Nutcracker, Scandinavian village, Reindeer, Santa Claus) and the text written on it. Each child can have a personalised sack with all the presents they will love unwrapping on the big day!

santa sacks with names

Our personalised sack turns into a storage bag

This large Christmas bag is not just for putting the presents in on Christmas Eve… it’s also a practical storage bag to help you out all year round! Its large size means you can store lots of things in it once Christmas is over. So there will be no more toys lying around in your children’s rooms – they will all be put away in the sack.

Looking for a laundry bag? Then this sack is perfect because each child can use their personalised bag to put their dirty laundry in!

Don’t know what to do with your Christmas decorations after the holidays? Use the Christmas sack to keep your tinsel and baubles for next year. With its ribbon drawstring, it will protect all your decorations securely.

Also consider our personalised L cotton bags, ideal for everyday use. For school, sports or as a storage bag at home, your child can take the cotton bag, personalised with their own picture, with them whatever they are doing.

A responsible Santa sack

This year, celebrate Christmas responsibly with our personalised Christmas sack!

As well as being practical and looking good, our Christmas sack is ecological. Made from natural cotton, it is 100% French. In fact, we work with an inclusive company in Bordeaux, contributing to the employment of disabled people. Our sacks are sewn in their workshops. So make your children happy and decorate your living room with this made-in-France cotton bag. A responsible, sustainable choice to delight young and old alike.