What should I put in my baby’s nursery bag?

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It’s back to work and back to school for older children – and for some it’s also the first time they’ve been to nursery! This period is very rewarding for babies, as they learn to socialise, discover new things and meet their first friends.

To prepare your child for their first days in nursery, C-MonEtiquette wants to give you some tips for preparing a little bag with everything your baby will need.

what should Iput nursery bag

What should I put in the nursery bag?

1. A change of clothes

A change of clothes is a must in the nursery bag. Provide a complete change in case there’s an accident: a body, a pair of socks, trousers, one or two t-shirts and a jumper.

Make sure the change of clothes is always inside his bag. Go ahead and label your baby’s clothes with our nursery pack, consisting of personalised labels for clothes and items (cuddly toy, bottle, comforter, etc.)

2. The cuddly toy

The cuddly toy or comforter is not to be forgotten, especially during the first days at nursery. The cuddly toy will help reassure your baby at difficult moments or at nap time. If your child doesn’t have one, giving them a scarf or sweater with your scent on it will reassure them if they’re upset.

To prevent the cuddly toy getting lost, consider using our stick-on labels, personalised with your child’s name and surname.

3. Slippers

 If your baby is starting to crawl, don’t forget to pack a pair of slippers in your nursery bag. 

4. Toiletries

Some nurseries ask parents to provide changing materials, such as nappies, ointment, cotton pads and nappy cream.

5. Bottle and milk

If your child is still on breast milk or infant formula, you must also provide bottles and milk. It’s important to mark each item with your child’s full name to avoid confusion for the nursery assistants.

What kind of bag should I use for nursery?

There are several types of bags for keeping your children’s nursery items. The most practical is the changing bag. You can also choose a personalised cotton bag to put all the little things in. Our nursery bag is available in three sizes: S, M or L, to cover all circumstances. Personalise it however you like. You can choose the text, colour and font!

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