How to Get Prepared for Nursery?

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First time ever for your baby at nursery?
This back-to-school session is going to be fine!

Here we are… After precious weeks with your little one, it’s finally time to get him used to living in society! Creche assault course is over, congrats! Next step: get prepared for the first day at the nursery and for your baby to adapt to the new environment. It’s often more difficult for you than for your baby, but it’s okay: we have what you’re looking for! Get ready for the peaceful first-day-at-day-care kit!

First baby’s steps in society!

Set the stage

First level: gather every baby’s daily objects that will help him/her to feel at home. Time has come to sort out every single piece you received since your baby’s birth: teddy, dummy, baby cup, rattle, sleepers, snack box…
Afraid to lose the beloved teddy or the beautiful presents from your circle? Tag everything thanks to our nursery labels pack and avoid goods swaps with Sleeping Buddy. Then, it’s very important as well for you than for the baby to go and discover the nursery before baby’s official first day there. Get prepared a few days before to spend some time with your little one on the future playground.

At the nursery

It’s finally time to go! Baby’s diaper is nice and clean, and you have prepared your child’s nursery bag! ! Let’s go for new adventures!
Keep in mind to chat with the nursery’s nurse referral as soon as you arrive about what happened last night and about your baby’s sleep. Each element is important and will help them better care for your child.

After this welcome time, let’s sing goodbye to every parent! Your child is going to take part of the first educational games for early learning. And, because it takes a lot of energy to be a child, head on to lunch time and next one will be nap time! Some educational toys will be proposed to your kid for the rest of the afternoon for them to be patient until you get back!

You can do it!

Here are our latest tips for baby’s adaptation to the nursery! Only transmit good vibes to your little one. Like that, both of you will be able to handle the moment of  separation! Leave the mother hen side alone. Keep in mind the nurses are professionals! Trust them! Then, to set the stage, think about having your little one be looked after a few hours per day by your familial circle. A good reason to pamper yourself!

Relax! In a few years, holidays won’t be those you would have think too much about.

First baby’s steps in society!