Brand New Illustrations on Our Customisable Labels

The news

The family is growing up! Dozens of illustrations to fit everyone’s world!

You were waiting for them and they’ve just arrived. Let your kid create matching labels! You wanted more choices among the different illustrations you pick carefully to decorate your kid’s customisable labels? We listened! They’re new, they’re pretty, here they are, our new homemade illustrations! Several themes are available, the hardest part will be to choose!

Heading on to new illustrations!

Ready, set, go!
Additional adrenalin for our little fast racers in the need for speed whether on land, in the seas or in the sky.

The new adventurers
Wild life lovers over there? Did you choose the mini diplodocus or T-rex? Whatever choice you made on our Instagram survey (@petit_fernand_uk) ; it was a very close call, so we decided to offer you… both! You can now find the one you’ve loved on our website.

Spring has definitely sprung!
Brave, but not foolhardy? Are your kids keener on flying insects and forest animals? They will find things they love among our lovely selection: ladybug, squirrel, dog, and so on…

To infinity, and beyond!
Like Buzz Lightyear, your budding astronaut is full of dreams? Let him go for shooting star, rocket, alien and… other horizons to explore!

Vamos a la playa
Some will make you want to put their feet in fine sand! Will they rather be vacationers, sliding sports or pirate tales?

It’s a wonderful world
Apologies… we did it again! The kawaii family is welcoming two new buddies, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you! Then, you liked her so much on our birthday invitation cards (and so do we…) that we decided to make her the star: our new fairy!

When labels communicate
Because our allergy labels needed an extreme makeover to let people know all the precautions to take with your little one.

All you need to do now is to go for the ones which make you and your kids happy among all our novelties… and our classics! For the nursery, for school or for the different associations, you can now create your favourite combos to tag all your kid’s belongings!

Heading on to new illustrations!