Special Day for Little Pirates

The news

All aboard! From Treasure Island to Pirates of the Caribbean, pirates have always been a part of children’s imagination. And for good reason: their stories inspire adventures, freedom, ships full of gold, and treasure chests, buried in desert islands… What could be more attractive for young freshwater sailors!

Today, the storm is raging and it is too dangerous to set sail. Your little pirate gets annoyed and starts fighting a cat: it is time to take back the wheel and turn your sailor into a captain.

Start with the outfit: what would a pirate be without his hat? Discover how to create a homemade Pirate’s hat just in a few snips of a scissors!

Once all dressed, your little sailors only have to conquer the greatest treasures with their pirate ship DIY! And because a pirate never leaves a port without his rum, don’t forget to slip the isothermal pirate water bottle into you little Jack Sparrows’ bags.

If the holiday trips are a bit too long, no problem, we thought about everything: you can now download our free travel diary for all the impatient little pirates! What’s planned: 7 spot the difference game, treasure mazes and many other surprises!

Organise a great party for all your little sailors!

Make incredible pirates-hats-shaped invitations thanks to our free templates to download! And to keep the kids busy? Create yourself a pirate coconut shy!

For snack time, we’ve got everything planned: a homemade Strawberry Jam Biscuits recipe to stay in theme. And if there are any left, keep them for tea time in your new pirate lunchbox!

When you’re finished preparing the snacks and food, decorate your captain’s favorite drink by downloading our template. Also check out our pirate straws DIY!

To end the day in peace and quiet, get out some pens and pencils and learn how to draw a pirate, a pirate ship or even a parrot! Your little artists can also get inspired from the drawings of their favourite pirate mug!

Finally, so that even school days become an adventure, why not label clothes and items with our personalised labels illustrated with a little pirate? This way, it will always be possible to return what belongs to the captain!

You’re ready to set sail for a sea adventure! Raise the black flag and board the ship!