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Go back in time and relive the first steps of humanity! From the Stone Age to the dinosaurs’ era, discover all our activities to immerse yourself in the heart of the Jurassic …

Discover the dinosaurs world thanks to our DIY and activities!

Billions of years before men appeared on Earth, it was populated by incredible creatures … dinosaurs! Among the 700 species known today, from the little Velociraptor to the famous and fierce T-Rex, dinosaurs continue to captivate us. ?

For your little archaeologists, while waiting to discover real fossils, live incredible adventures and teach your little ones how to draw these fantastic animals from the past with our dinosaurs’ drawings DIY! Then, they will be able to cut them out and bring them back to life in a garden or a park. ?

Are you wondering what was the typical meal of this Jurassic era? Well … Historians do not all agree, but we have some ideas! The Triceratops sandwich and the Dinosaur sandwich will make perfect meals, moreover, there’s no need to heat them. Indeed, fire was discovered much later! ?

For dessert, we choose the frugivorous diet, just like the famous long-necked Diplodocus. To do this, prepare this prehistoric fruit salad full of vitamins. ?

Let’s travel a little closer in time, when the dinosaurs gave up the Earth to the first men. It was nonetheless a hostile territory … To live among wild beasts and famous mammoths, your little prehistoric man will have to make a complete equipment. From the Indian tomahawk to cut the branches and build solid shelters, to the artisanal catapult to defend its territory and train to hit the mark. We planned everything!

Live the Jurassic Park adventure with all your friends and invite them with our dinosaur invitations, well protected in their shells! Have fun and play to our Homo sapiens ancestors’ favorite games, like the noughts and crosses game: some pebbles and chalks, and you’re done! You can also try the wooden puzzle, made of wood pieces from the forest.

Speaking of territory, be warned of the arrival of intruders in your cave thanks to our special recycled wind chimes DIY: wood, string, some pots and bells, and it’s done! And to tell your stories and express your creativity, nothing better than making homemade chalks to decorate your cave’s walls with your most beautiful drawings. May the Paleolithic art live long!

Finally, extend this journey through time thanks to our new Dinosaurs world, available in different complementary illustrations for each of our personalized products! Discover without further delay the whole dino collection with: the personalised lunchbox, the personalised isothermal bottle, as well as the personalised mug, so that the passion of the Jurassic accompanies your little one at every moment of the day.

Discover the dinosaurs world thanks to our DIY and activities!

Whether traveling in time or to a new destination, don’t forget the personalised labels with dinosaur illustrations and avoid misplacing belongings on the way!