A walk in the wood

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The temperature is getting cooler, the leaves are falling, and the coats are coming back … No doubt, autumn is here.

Let’s discover together lots of new seasonal activities!

Discover the forest and its animals!

Holidays are already over … But fortunately, the season has not revealed all its secrets yet! We have prepared lots of activities to spend a day in the woods. And to make sure you do not miss anything of this great program, bring your autumnal weekly planner. Thanks to it, no more memory lapse!

First, we are getting prepared to discover the woods and for that, we do not forget the personalised lunchbox to carry a carefully prepared picnic. A slice of ham, a bit of cheese and two slices of bread to create a cute and delicious fox sandwich! Take everything you need in the cotton picnic bag, very useful in the woods.

Here we go! We put on our boots, our little raincoat and we go for a walk in the heart of nature, in the middle of trees, leaves and animals: the doe, the fox, the rabbit or the owl … Find them out on our Forest theme! Take the opportunity to pick some mushrooms and autumnal flowers, it’s time for gathering! After filling the basket with all these treasures, the walk continues, and you discover some small obstacles left by the rain. Hmm … Will your little one jump in puddles? Of course, how to resist … ? So, it is inspired (and soaked!) that your little one will be able to recreate an amazing wood atmosphere at home. All the elements of the woods are easy-to-draw: follow our leaves and trees drawing tutorial, with the imposing plane tree and the majestic oak tree. Also teach your little one how to draw forest animals such as squirrels, fawns and foxes.

After the artistic, how about the recreational? For our little nature and animals’ lovers, here is a 100% recycled DIY to create forest animal puppets made of toilet paper rolls. They will then be able to put them in a home-made forest setting, with some autumn leaves and tree branches picked up during the walk. Finally, at the end of the day, the temperature is getting cooler and we only have one thing in mind: to slipping under the plaid and having a good relaxing time with a hot drink to enjoy in his favorite personalised mug. And what better way to feel at home than a cozy interior with pretty decorations? Make this easy and colorful autumnal flower wreath with its adorable fox.

Discover the forest and its animals!

Your little one’s birthday is coming soon?

He can make his fox invitations to distribute to all his friends and prepare a personalised decoration table with our customisable labels with fox illustrations!