Discover the World of Scouting and Get Ready for Scouting Camp

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Scouting: a topic that will no longer be a secret for you! Read our little guide and (re) discover this fascinating universe. Thanks to Petit Fernand and its new pack of scouting labels, our little explorers will be able to leave in peace and their parents will no longer have to worry about preparing for departure!

Scouting and how to prepare for Scouts camp: a topic that will no longer be a secret for you!

Whether it’s linked to a specific religion or as a secular association, scouting is a movement that is based on many values:
– play education
– commitment
-respect for nature
– entertainment in harmony with others
– or even resourcefulness

Values that all parents would like to pass on to their children.

To be an exemplary scout, each young person joining a scout movement has to honour 10 golden rules:

1 – I am respectful and supportive. I take care of myself and others.
2 – I am loyal. Everyone can count on me.
3 – I am courageous and trustworthy. I keep my word and never lie.
4 – I am tolerant and kind. I respect different opinions.
5 – I am courteous and polite. I help others achieve a goal whether it is common or not.
6 – I am a key part of society. I protect nature and life.
7 – I am obedient. I act as a “good citizen” and in a peaceful manner.
8 – I am positive. I smile and sing in difficulties.
9 – I am thrifty and don’t waste. I respect the material entrusted to me.
10 – I am creative and know how to manage on my own.

The best way to imbibe these values is to participate in a scout camp, either on your own or with your family, because, yes, parents can be scouts too! So whether you are going away for a few days or a few weeks, you’ll have to plan well.

How to have a successful departure to scout camps
Think practical and travel light!
Everything, or almost everything,  must fit in a backpack. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to put on, which adapt to the climate and planned activities. Don’t forget a dirty laundry bag, preferably in fabric, to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the stay. Also, be smart, don’t store the pyjamas at the bottom of your bag!

Think green too!
Scouting allows you to reconnect with nature and live in a simple way, so why use all this plastic? Opt for ecological equipment to reduce waste during your stay. A bamboo toothbrush, an isothermal water bottle, cotton towels, personalised cotton bags… you just have to choose the right camp!

Most of all, don’t forget!
There are essentials that you should not forget for a scout camp! A sleeping bag, mosquito repellent, flashlight, survival kit, bump cap and all the equipment associated with the perfect little scout.

So that nothing gets lost, we have created the pack of personalised scouting labels, specially designed so that all of your child’s objects and clothes are marked with their first name, whether they are:
– Beaver Scouts
– Cubs Scouts
– Explorers

You can customise the background colour from among 38 options, the font and the text colour as well as the special scouting illustrations, to choose from among our 20 new proposals:  

Scouting and how to prepare for Scouts camp: a topic that will no longer be a secret for you!

To take a look at our Scouting Pack, click here!

Some Tips from Petit Fernand
Try to predict what your kid’s will want and need to not be caught off guard!

Feeling hungry during the trip? Prepare a delicious homemade snack, with seasonal fruits, and for big eaters, fill up on energy with peanut butter cakes. But above all, make sure you have enough planned, because the children are very clever!

Keep them busy during a long trip with a simple pencil  and paper so they could create beautiful designs and stimulate their creativity. Also plan some on-site activities for the family, and since scouts love nature, consider an outdoor workshop!

What if we end with a small checklist for this holiday departure?
Here is a list of our essentials:
– The bento lunchbox, for picnics and outdoor meals.
– The isothermal water bottle, to stay hydrated throughout the day.
Cotton bags, an ecological way to store dirty laundry or transport objects.
The scout / camp pack, to label and no longer lose your clothes and objects.
– The toiletry kit, to bring together all your hygiene products and to not forget anything.

For a successful and 100% personalised camping trip!

Scouting and how to prepare for Scouts camp: a topic that will no longer be a secret for you!