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You can pay for your order by credit card (payment secured by the CIC), by PayPal or by bank transfer. Simply choose the payment method that suits you best on the payment page.

Absolutely. We have chosen to entrust our credit card payment system to the French bank CIC. This credit card company guarantees a secure payment and they are the only ones to have your bank details.

There can be several reasons for this: Card payment limit exceeded, not enough money, 3D-Secure system of your bank did not work.... We cannot force the payment from our side, so we advise you to either try to pay with another credit card, or to try again later if you wish to use the same one.
If this still does not work, please contact your bank for further information. You can also choose to pay by PayPal or bank transfer next time.
When the payment is validated, you will automatically receive an email with the order confirmation.

We invite you to contact PayPal directly if you encounter a problem with this payment method. You can also choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer next time.
When the payment is validated, you will automatically receive an email with the order confirmation.

To be able to sponsor your friends, you must first create a customer account. Then go to the section "My advantages" on your account to find out how to proceed!
Nothing could be simpler: you send an invitation to your friends (they get a £3 discount) and you receive £3 after their first order.

Yes, we offer a discount system based on quantities.
A discount will be automatically applied to an order in the cart for the purchase of 2 products from the following products :
-15% off on labels packs from 2 purchased
-15% off on water bottles from 2 purchased
-15% off on lunchboxes from 2 purchased
-15% off on cotton bags from 2 purchased
-15% off on toiletry bags from 2 purchased
-15% off on pencil cases from 2 purchased
If you order more than 30 identical labels, you get a 50% discount on the following ones. For example: for 40 identical labels, the first 30 cost £9 (£3 for 10), and the extra 10 are worth £1.50, so a total of £10.50 for 40 instead of £12.
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First of all, you have to check whether you have respected its conditions of use: expiry date, selected products, numbers/letters... If you have encountered a payment problem when you entered a discount code, we invite you to wait 24 hours before placing a new order. The discount code will be automatically reactivated after this period. If you are still unable to use your code, please contact our Customer Service by clicking here.
Give us your code and don't hesitate to send us a screen shot if you think it's necessary.

We would love to start a collaboration with you. Feel free to contact us via the Instagram or by clicking here.
Delivery is free for orders over £9 for labels and practical packs around Europe.
A fixed shipping cost applies depending on the order and the destination and will always be clearly displayed on the checkout page.

Of course! You just have to click on the address of your choice or on "New address" on the delivery page when validating your order.

In all cases, postal delays can unfortunately vary and are given as an indication. We generally have to wait 10 working days before opening a claim with our partners. You can contact our Customer Service by clicking here.
You can track your parcel by ckicking here.

Please contact our Customer Service by clicking here. We are here to answer all your questions. Give us your order number and don't forget to attach photos if you can.

You can choose the background colour, an illustration, the text, the font and the colour of the writing for each format.
Please note: some formats (especially the mini) do not allow you to insert an illustration. It is important to check your order summary before proceeding to checkout.

We offer two main categories of labels: labels for objects (stick-on) and labels for clothes (stick-on and iron-on). Stick-on labels for objects allow you to identify all your objects with a smooth surface: pens, notebooks, baby bottles, etc. Clothing labels, whether stick-on or iron-on, are used to identify clothing and fabric items: t-shirts, jumpers, trousers, hats, coats, etc.
Iron-on clothing labels are very thin and do not cause any discomfort. They are stuck directly onto the clothing. Once they have been ironed on, they cannot be removed. They are therefore more durable and permanent.
Stick-on labels for clothing are very easy and quick to apply. They are stuck on the garments or brand labels. There is no need for an iron and this is a real time saver. What's more, they can be easily removed (by pulling hard) if you want to give the item away or resell it.
The formats offered for the object labels are not identical in order to better adapt to the uses. Despite the differences in material, stick-on clothing labels can be applied and held on objects if you wish. However, this does not work the other way round: stick-on labels for objects can never be applied on textiles.

Our colours are solid! However, time and repeated washing can have an effect and fade the colours after a year and a half or even two years.

All our labels are made in France from polyvinyl chloride and we also use water-based inks to reduce our ecological impact and keep our children safe. Our clothing labels are extra thin (less than 0.08 mm thick) and have a very smooth coating. This means that your child does not have the feeling of having labelled clothes. So no tingling, tickling or scratching sensation.

One label per garment is sufficient. We recommend placing it in a visible place, it will be more practical!

We offer 10 different types of stick-on object labels:
  • Objects - School Supplies Labels : these labels will allow you to identify all your items with a smooth surface.
  • Multiform Labels : to brighten up your school supplies and other items (bags, pencil cases, notebooks, etc.).
  • Multipack Labels For School Supplies : a very useful pack as each label has its own personalisation (10 labels = 10 unique personalisations).
  • Shoe Labels : conveniently sized labels, ideal for sticking to the insoles of shoes.
  • Address labels : larger labels to put your details on bags and luggage for the whole family.
  • Christening and Communion Labels :two categories with illustrations specially adapted to these important events in your life.
  • Gift Tags : to label everyone's personalised gift.
  • Wedding Labels : for a unique day that you want to make unforgettable.
  • Erasable Labels for Baby Food : to mark all your jars of homemade baby food.
  • Homemade Cleaners Labels : to personalise homemade products, household goods and cosmetics.

Each pack comes as a set labelled with the same name. For a second child, a separate set is needed.

We offer 6 packs combining different types of labels (iron-on and stick-on clothing, as well as stick-on objects) at attractive prices. They are suitable for all ages and uses:
  • The Nursery pack for infants
  • The Pre-school pack for the first steps at school
  • The School pack for older children who are moving on to secondary school  
  • The Camp/School trips pack for holidays
  • The Scout pack for a weekend away or a scout camp
  • The Starter pack to discover a bit of all our products

They are distinguished by the quantities of the different types of labels. For example, in the nursery pack you will find more clothing labels than object labels, while the School pack contains more labels for marking school supplies.

The format determines the use of the label:
  • Mini (46 x 6 mm): ideal for labelling small surfaces such as pencils, pens, scissors, compass, pencil sharpener or even glasses. Please note: they do not have an illustration.
  • Round (31 x 31 mm): for notebooks, books, cylindrical containers.
  • 1 line (56 x 11 mm):suitable for markers and other school supplies, same as bottles, cups, cutlery, bathroom items (toothbrushes, creams, shampoos), etc.
  • 2 lines (56 x 15 mm): for notebooks, school books, folders and envelopes, etc.
  • 4 lines (56 x 36 mm): for luggage or in general for all objects that require more information such as address, telephone number, class, school, etc.
  • Shoes (30 x 30 mm): for shoes and slippers.
  • Multiform (28 x 13 mm): to brighten up your school supplies and other items (bottles, notebooks, etc.)
  • Erasable Labels for Baby Food (4 x 5 cm): to mark all your jars with homemade food.

Please, see our website for more options.

  1. Clean and dry the surface on which the stick-on label is to be applied well for better adhesion.
  2. Remove the stick-on label from its backing paper and place it on the chosen area, pressing firmly.
  3. Leave the stick-on labels on the objects for 24 hours before use. Labels are dishwasher and microwave safe. Do not apply to greasy plastic (silicone).
Click here to view instructions.

  1. Stick the shoe sticker on the inner heel of the shoe.
  2. Press firmly to ensure a long lasting hold.
  3. Leave the stick-on labels on for 24 hours before use. The shoe label ensures resistance to foot rubbing and sweating.

Click here to view the instructions.

Our stick-on labels can be applied to most surfaces - however, they should not be too rough and remember to clean the surface on which the sticker is to be applied and glued.

  1. Peel the iron-on label from its backing and position it on the garment.
  2. Cover it with the protective paper provided (or baking paper).
  3. Once the iron is at the right temperature (200°C cotton/linen position - without steam), press very firmly on the paper (without moving and without steam) for 8 seconds.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the protective paper to cool down and lift it gently.
  5. Let the iron-on labels rest for 24 hours before washing.

Click here to view instructions.

We provide you with protective paper (greaseproof paper), because without it the label could melt. If you don't have any protective paper, you can use baking paper.

Select the 200°C or cotton/linen setting (the highest temperature). Wait about 3 minutes until the iron is hot. Once this time has elapsed, place the iron on the greaseproof paper that you have placed on the label. Be careful, do not use on textiles that cannot withstand the heat of an iron (nylon, fleece, delicate textiles, etc.).
For these textiles, please use our stick-on clothing labels!

No, only an iron without steam is recommended for applying iron-on labels.

 Iron-on labels are resistant to machine washing at up to 60° and to tumble drying. However, iron-on labels should be left to rest for 24 hours before washing or using to maximise their adhesion.

Once iron-on labels have been applied to the textile fibre with the heat of the iron, they cannot be removed, and are permanent. However, you can cover them with larger labels (e.g. white and without a pattern, which you can also order on our website), or you can choose our stick-on clothing labels.

An iron-on label that comes off or does not adhere to the fabric is caused either by an iron temperature that is too low, or by an ironing time that is too short or a pressure that is too light during the ironing process. In this case, do not hesitate to heat the iron again, keeping the iron on the protective paper for longer.

The iron-on clothing labels are available in 2 formats, with a choice of illustration, text, colour and font: 1 line (56 x 11 mm) and 2 lines (56 x 15 mm).

  1. Apply the stick-on clothing label to the brand or care label of the chosen clothes.
  2. Press firmly for a few seconds to ensure good adhesion.
  3. Leave the stick-on labels on for 24 hours before washing, rubbing or using.

Click here to view instructions.

The stick-on labels are machine washable up to 60°C and dryer resistant. However, stick-on labels should be left to rest for 24 hours before washing or using to maximise their adhesion.

Once applied to the brand or care labels, they can be removed by pulling them hard or with the help of tweezers.

The stick-on clothing labels are available in 2 formats, with a choice of illustration, text, colour and font: 1 line (20 x 18 mm) and 2 lines (28 x 13 mm).

To keep the food fresh for a few hours, attach the ice pack (which has been placed in the freezer) under the bento tray.

The lunchbox is microwave-safe. The material is odourless, BPA-free and tasteless. Please note that the ice pack must be removed before heating the meal.

No, the lunchbox can only be heated in the microwave. To reheat the food in the oven or on a hotplate, you will need to remove it from the lunchbox first.

Clean the lunchbox after each use. Wash the lid separately with a soft sponge to avoid damaging the picture. Everything else in the lunchbox can be washed in the dishwasher.

We recommend buying this product for children over the age of 3 as long as they eat alone. Opening and closing is easy from this age onwards.

You can find the new sticker for your lunchbox by clicking here and the replacement clips or ice pack by clicking here .

Our customer service is there to help you! Click here to contact us. Send us a photo of your lunchbox and your order number (which you will find in the confirmation emails that are sent to you): we will then be able to find a suitable for you solution.

The printing technique of the bottles is sublimation. The ink penetrates the bottle and there is no risk of erasing. The scene is printed on a special paper that is placed around the bottle, then the whole thing is heated and the ink of the drawing is transformed into a gas and will resolidify on the wall of the bottle.

Pour the liquid at the desired temperature. A well-sealed isothermal bottle will keep it warm for 12 hours or cool for 24 hours. Do not put the bottle in the microwave or in the freezer.

The bottle is isothermal, which means that after 12 hours, the liquid will still be hot (even if the bottle was in the fridge) or cold (even if the bottle was in the sun).

The stainless steel double wall is unaffected by the temperature of the contents, whether they are hot or cold. You can therefore touch the water bottle regardless of the internal temperature. However, we recommend that you pay close attention to the temperature of the liquid inside the bottle so you don't get burned.

No, do not put it in the microwave. Stainless steel is not compatible with this appliance. If you want to be sure to have a hot drink in the bottle, pour it directly at the desired temperature and it will stay hot for 12 hours.

We recommend cleaning the bottle by hand with water and baking soda to prevent it from retaining odours. Do not put it in the dishwasher to preserve its appearance. We recommend that you put a bit of baking soda with water in the bottle, close it, shake it and rinse it to clean it well.

We recommend buying this product for children over 3 years old. It is easy to open and close from this age onwards.

We do not guarantee the product's durability if it has been fallen, thrown or dropped repeatedly.

Yes, you can find them by clicking here .

Yes, the mug is microwave safe... And we even recommend using it for tea, hot chocolate or to prepare mug cake!

The mug is made of ceramic. It will not withstand a fall and will break.

It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

You can choose between the plain coton bag with the animals or adventure motivs or coloured cotton bag with more options for hobbies and paterns. Both offers 2 different sizes and perfectly suited for all your everyday activities!

All our textile from our Fairtrade and Organic range are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton: a worldwide standard with credible assurance of organic origin of the product, as well as environmentally and socially responsible processing! You can scan the QR code available on the care label to get all the traceability information of the product.

It is best to hand wash our textile products in cold water to preserve the colours, however they can also be machine washed up to 30°C, pull to shape, and dry flat. They should not be tumble dried. Iron only on the reverse of the printed cloth with a warm iron.

  • Pencil case with plastic zip and golden or silver slider depending on the colour with the dimensions 6 x 22 x 6 cm, suitable for all pens and pencils.
  • Toiletry kit with golden pull and slider on the metal teeth with the dimensions 14 x 17,5 x 8,5 cm, which can hold all daily school supplies.
  • Cotton bag size M (25 x 30 cm) for shoes, small clothes, cuddly toys, trainers, sports equipment (for dancing, judo, gymnastics...), lunch box, etc. or size L (30 x 45 cm) for toys, dirty laundry, etc.

The printing technique for the textile is DTF,  stands for Direct To Film. This technique consists of printing your design directly onto a film and then transferring it to a cotton textile, regardless of its colour.

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