All the answers to your questions!

General questions…

Is it possible to put 2 names on one pack of stickers?

Each pack comes as a set labelled with the same name. For a second child, a separate set is needed.


How do your iron-on name labels differ from other labels?

Our iron-on name labels are extra thin (less than 0,08 mm thick) and have a very smooth protective coating. Your child won’t even feel the label… no tickling, no itching, no scratching! Labelling clothes is fun! Our labels are also available in a large range of background colours. You can choose our rich tones with our mandarin, granny apple, and chocolate tones, or you can add go flashy with our intense canary yellow, fuchsia, violet and royal blue. You can be a trendsetter with our cerulean blue, taupe and rose or go for our timeless shades of white, navy blue, poppy red, stone grey and black. 

Finally, we are using water-based ink pour to decrease our ecological impact and to avoid putting children at risk.


Administrative questions…

How much do you charge for delivery?

Shipping is free regarding labels orders over £9 (fixed shipping fees of £2 under £9), value packs; for small objects such as water bottle caps, shipping fees are fixed to £2 in the European Union and worldwide. Fixed shipping fees (£6,00) are applied to the following products: lunchboxes, water bottles, mugs, lunchbox packs, cotton bags, pencil cases and toiletry kits.


How soon can you deliver?

All of our products are made to the exact order within 2 working days, maximum.

Then, they are delivered directly to your door by Royal Mail , but you must take into account an additional delay of 2-7 days (UK).


What method of payment do you accept?

You can pay by credit card (secure payment with CIC bank) & Paypal.


Can I ensure that my credit card payment will be made securely?

Of course. That’s why we have chosen entrust our credit card payment system to the French bank CIC. This credit card organisation guarantees a secure payment and only they will hold your bank details.


Do you offer discounts?

Yes, depending on the quantity of labels ordered. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions.


Questions about your order…

What are the available options to place my order?

For now, orders can only be placed via our website


What can I do if the product I received differs from the order I placed?

Every order is carefully checked before being dispatched. If an error has been made on our part, we will send you a new item as soon as possible, free of charge. However, if it turns out that the error was made by you when placing your order, we must unfortunately charge you for a new order.


Is it possible to deliver my order to a different address?

Of course! All you need to do is click “send to a different address” on the delivery options page when you make your order.


Questions about our products…

How do I use both types of labels?

For the iron-on name labels for fabrics

Instruction guide:

  1. Use a regular household iron with no steam on and put it on the cotton setting (200°).
  2. Remove the iron-on name label from its backing and place it on desired area of clothing. Then cover the name label with the provided protective paper (but you can also use greaseproof paper).
  3. Once the iron has reached the right temperature (200°, or equivalent of the cotton/linen setting), press it on the paper very firmly for 8 seconds (without moving and without steam), then peel the protective paper off carefully.

Care guide:

  • Leave the iron-on name labels for 24h until using them.
  • The name labels are washing-machine resistant (up to 60°) and tumble-dry resistant.
  • Do not iron directly onto the iron-on name label, as this could melt the ink – always use the provided protective paper, or if not greaseproof paper.

For the stick-on name labels for objects

Instruction guide:

  1. Make sure to clean the surface before use.
  2. Remove the stick-on name label from its protective backing and place it on the chosen area, pressing firmly.
  3. For shoes, remove the stick-on name label from its protective backing and stick all to the inside heel of the shoe (no need the transparent adhesive film over anymore).  
  4.  A stick-on label will fuse to most surfaces – avoid using objects with rough surfaces. 

Care guide:

  • Leave the stick-on name labels for 24h before using the object. The labels are dishwasher and microwave resistant.


Are the iron-on name labels resistant to everyday cleaning materials?

The iron-on name labels are resistant to machine washing, up to 60°, as well as tumble-dryer resistant. It is strongly recommended to leave 24h between applying the label and washing or machine drying it, in order to maximise their adhesive strength.


When fixing my iron-on name labels to a garment, do they peel off quickly?

An iron-on name label will peel off the material if the temperature of the iron is not hot enough, if the iron hasn't been placed on it long enough, or if the pressure placed has not been firm enough. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to reapply the label, taking a little more time to iron on the protective paper.


I have run out of protective paper, how do I apply my iron-on name labels?

You can just use kitchen greaseproof paper!


Can I iron the name labels into my children’s clothes without any risk of damage?

The clothing labels can be applied to most fabrics. However, if in doubt, do a test-run on the inside of the garment which can’t be seen.


Do the stick-on labels stick to anything?

Our stick-on name labels will stick to most surfaces. Do make sure, however, that you apply your labels on a smooth surface, and be sure to clean the object onto which the label will be applied.


Are the stick-on name labels microwave and dishwasher resistant?

Our stick-on name labels are resistant to dishwashers, bottle warmers, microwaves… to optimise the adhesiveness of the name labels, it is important to carefully follow our user-instructions.


Which are the materials used to make the name labels?

All our name labels are made on site in France and we are using solvent-free ink. The iron-on name labels are made from polyurethane and the stick-on name labels from adhesive vinyl.