Children’s stickers to decorate windows 

Decorative stickers for windows

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made within 48 h
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solvent-free inks
Made in France

Now your child can create their own personalised world on the windows of their room!

With our repositionable electrostatic window stickers, there are infinite possibilities for them to create whatever world they like.

Dressing up our pretty ballerinas; creating adventures with their favourite dinosaurs; flying off to a land of magical unicorns; travelling to the savanna; or building their own construction site... There are so many adventures they can imagine.

Our decorative window stickers are guaranteed to stay on and they leave no trace on the window, thanks to the innovative material used. And they stay that way even if your kids want to stick the different decorative items on, peel them off and stick them on again every day to try out all the possibilities of their new children’s window stickers!

Features of our children’s window stickers

- Five themes: dancer stars, dinosaurs, unicorns, construction site and savanna.
- Dispatched in three A4 sheets, with a template sheet for composition ideas. Care and use:

Children's window stickers can be applied to all smooth, non-porous, clean and dry window, glass and tile surfaces. The items stick perfectly on top of one another to create amazing worlds.

They’re easy to apply and you can move them as you stick them. They come off without leaving adhesive residue.

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Product's advantages :

    • 100% customisable
    • Made within 48 h