How do I apply the labels on your kid’s clothing and belongings?

Labelling clothes can be a real pleasure. It's easy, quick and effective! Just follow our guidelines…

Our customised clothing labels for fabrics:

User guide:

  1. Use a regular household iron with no steam on and put it on the cotton setting (200°).
  2. Remove the iron-on name label from its backing and place it on desired area of clothing. Then cover the name label with the provided protective paper (but you can also use greaseproof paper).
  3. Once the iron has reached the right temperature (200°, or equivalent of the cotton/linen setting), press it on the paper very firmly for 12 seconds (without moving and without steam), then peel the protective paper off carefully.

Care guide:

  • Leave the iron-on name labels for 24h until using them.
  • The name labels are washing machine (up to 60°) and tumble dryer resistant.
  • Do not iron directly onto the iron-on name label, as this could melt the ink – always use the provided protective paper, or if not greaseproof paper.

Our customised stick-on name labels for objects and shoes:

User guide:

  1. Make sure the surface is clean before use.
  2. Remove the stick-on name label from its protective backing and place it on the chosen area, pressing firmly.
  3. For shoes, remove the stick-on name label from its protective backing, then place the transparent adhesive film over it (provided in the label booklet) and stick all to the inside heel of the shoe.
  4. A stick-on name label will adhere to most surfaces – avoid using objects with rough surfaces.

Care guide:

  • Leave the stick-on name labels for 24h before using the object. The name labels are dishwasher and microwave resistant.


Never leave labelled objects in the hands of young children without supervision.