How do I apply the labels on your kid’s clothing and belongings?

Marking everything becomes a real pleasure with our iron-on and stick-on labels.

They’re quick, simple and effective! Check out our labelling guide. fernand

  1. Set your iron to 200°C (in the cotton/linen position, without steam) and wait a few minutes before use.

  2. Remove the iron-on label from its backing and put it in the place you want it to be on your garment.

    Note: avoid elastic areas and seams.

  3. Place the protective paper supplied with your order on top, or use parchment paper (or greaseproof paper).

  4. Press very firmly on the paper with your iron for 8 seconds

    Note: it is important not to move or rub the label, as this could cause it to slide out of position.

  5. Let the protective paper cool for a few seconds before removing it.

  6. Let the iron-on label rest for 24 hours before the first wash.

  1. Remove the stick-on label from its backing.

  2. Place the stick-on label on the brand or washing instructions label and press very firmly for a few seconds.

  3. Let the stick-on label rest for 24 hours before the first wash.

  1. Clean the surface to which the stick-on label will be applied. It must be clean, dry and smooth.

  2. Remove the stick-on label from its backing and place it on the selected area while pressing firmly.

    For shoes, we advise you to apply the sticker to the inside of the heel.

  3. Smooth the whole surface of the label to make sure it sticks as well as possible.


Let iron-on labels rest for 24 hours before washing. Iron-on labels are machine washable up to 60° and dryer resistant