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Our name labels for shoes

Our stick-on labels for shoes are simple to use and long-lasting, allowing you to easily identify your children’s shoes, which is great news for both the little owners and those arround them! Say goodbye to the endless headaches while trying to figure out which foot goes into which shoe, and never have to ask yourself “Who's shoes are these?” ever again! Customise your stick-on shoe labels by choosing one of our 32 background colours and 9 fonts. You can also include one of our 100 illustrations to make them look really fun and unique! Also, our protective transparent films make your name tags perfectly resistant to natural wear and tear, such as rubbing and perspiration. Thanks to Petit-Fernand's labels, you can mark your children’s belongings with a name tag they'll love and make everyday chores so much more easier !

Petit-Fernand's stick-on shoe labels are the easiest and quickest solution to mark your children's shoes. Like all of our labels, the stick-on shoe labels are fully customisable so that they can suit their personalities! Our protective transparent films make your name tags perfectly resistant to natural wear and tear, such as rubbing and moisture.
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    Stick-on labels for shoes (30x30 mm). Customise your shoe labels to identify your child's belongings. With Petit-Fernand, what's labelled can't be lost! Our labels are resistant to rubbing and perspiration. They help your children and those around them, to never lose their belongings, whether it's at the nursery, at school, on holiday camps or in sports clubs.


  • Media & blog reviews

    Probably the most genius thing that Petit Fernand came up with was shoe stickers! Yes, that's right – stickers that are easily placed in the heel of the shoe and they even come with a seperate protective transparent label! So clever.
    Mumma Scribbles, 11/08/2017

    The shoes labels come with special covers to prevent them from rubbing off over time.
    We're going on an adventure, 03/08/17

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