Never lose anything again!

Customise your iron-on labels, stick-on clothing labels and adhesive name labels to quickly identify clothes, school supplies, personal belongings…
For school, summer camps, school trips or nursery, labelling is fun!
Our labels are 100% personalised and are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant.
Our customisable stickers will bring your children endless fun and make original ‘New baby gifts’. With Petit-Fernand, what's labelled can't be lost!

Customise your iron-on labels and stick-on name labels to label garments, school supplies, personal belongings…

Vidéo C-monetiquette

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Our activities for kids

DIY for kids

It is said that fish help your memory… here’s your proof!

Marine memory game
Let's have a laugh!

What going for a swim actually means: 1 hour of preparation vs 5 minutes in water!

Going for a swim
Little Chef recipes
French apricot pastry

Follow this recipe to make some delicious French pastries with apricots!

The news
Under the sea

Discover the wonders of the seven seas with Petit-Fernand!

Draw-me a pirate

Teach your kiddos how to draw Egypt and its mysteries!

Draw me Egypt
Fun food

Try out those delicious galaxy snacks with your little ones, we promise they are going to love them!

Cosmic snack