Never lose anything again!

Customise your iron-on labels, stick-on clothing labels and adhesive name labels to quickly identify clothes, school supplies, personal belongings…
For school, summer camps, school trips or nursery, labelling is fun!
Our labels are 100% personalised and are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant.
Our customisable stickers will bring your children endless fun and make original ‘New baby gifts’. With Petit-Fernand, what's labelled can't be lost!

Customise your iron-on labels and stick-on name labels to label garments, school supplies, personal belongings…

    • Ordering was really easy and it's great that you can personalize the labels. Invested in a lunchbox too and I'm happy that my 3 year-old can easily recognise what's hers. 
      Lisa W., 21.04.2017

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