Labelled… from head to skis!

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Labels Value Pack

Your little ones are getting really excited at the thought of skiing down the trails?

Whether your children are leaving for ski camp or you’re taking a family trip, their belongings must be easily identified so that they don’t get confused with others’ or lost on the slopes.
And thanks to Petit-Fernand, you can quickly personalise and label their clothes and accessories, so that everything is ready in record time!

Therefore, we have created a Ski – Winter Camp value pack, specially made to identify your kids belongings, from head to skis:
– iron-on labels, ideal for garments which can bear an iron’s heat, like polo-neck jumpers, cotton leggings, pyjamas, bath towels, socks…
– stick-on clothing labels, that are to be applied on the care labels or brand tags of underwear, ski suits, ski jackets, fleece jackets, hats, stockings…
– stick-on item tags that are big enough to add a phone number as well as their names and surnames. They can be applied on helmets, skis, and ski poles.
– stick-on shoe labels, to apply in their ski boots, moonboots and even their helmets.
– and… stick-on address labels, which have enough space to write down their names, surnames, address and phone number. They’re perfect for labelling their backpacks, suitcases and skis…

With our 100% customisable Ski Value Pack, your kids are ready for the winter holidays!


 Labels Value Pack Labels Value Pack Labels Value Pack

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