Preparing holiday camps

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Beautiful days are right around the corner, and if you haven’t got the opportunity to go on a family vacation, holiday camps represent a great opportunity for your little ones to make new friends, to open up, learn new things and discover new landscapes…

Whether they’re leaving for holiday camp this Easter or during the summer holidays, this departure involves being super organized and, nowadays, some organisations require for all of your kids’ belongings to be labelled. If it isn’t required, it could be a good idea if you wish for everything that has left home to come back.

                                                     Holiday Camp Checklist      Holiday Camp Checklist      Holiday Camp Checklist

But you may ask: how can I choose the right labels, and most of all, how many should I need to label all of their stuff?
Making a list of every needed item seems to be the best idea there is, according to the activities (biking, sailing, swimming, horseback riding…), the weather, the duration of the stay, etc.

Once this list is made, select the type of name labels you need according to each kind of garment or belonging:

– iron-on labels, ideal for any garment that can withstand an iron’s heat, like cotton t-shirts,

stick-on clothing labels to apply on underwear, pants, jackets, swimsuits’ (etc.) care labels or brand tags,

stick-on item labels, on which you can add a phone number, as well as their names and surname. You can stick them on their backpacks, luggage, toilet case…

– mini stick-on item labels, which are perfect to identify sunglasses, toothbrushes, chapstick… all of the little things!

– stick-on shoe labels, that come with protective transparent layers to apply overtop: these will make the shoe labels ultra-resistant to friction and sweat during walks and outside activities.

For all parents that are in full holiday camp prep mode and who wish not to forget a single thing while packing, we have prepared a little checklist that you can download for free here and print. 😉   Discover also our 100% customisable isothermal water bottle, to keep your little ones well hydrated during the trip and the stay.

You are now ready to get super organized and pack everything in zen mode, so that your kiddos can have the best holiday ever!