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Cute, adorable, sweet… There are plenty of translations for the Japanese word “kawaii”. But what does it mean?

Kawaii is a trend coming from the Land of the Rising Sun. We can see it in the fashion industry, in accessories, or even in decorations: pastel colours, little faces with big eyes, everything is made to make us go “Aww that’s so cute!”.

This trend, loved by young girls, also wins the children’s heart! What about adding a kawaii touch to your daily life?

You can start by making an adorable kawaii mobile for your baby’s crib. You won’t need many tools but a little bit of patience for an impressive result. But if your little one is older and start losing his milk teeth, you can surprise the tooth fairy by placing the baby teeth in a kawaii tooth box by only using some paint and a few felt pens. New colours and a little face can make an ordinary box so much cuter!

kawaii trend kids


Speaking of ordinary items, has your kiddo’s teacher ever asked to bring a yogurt cup to grow lentils or other seeds? We all went through this when we were younger, placing lentils in some wet cotton. Rather than a simple and sad pot, why wouldn’t you take your nicest paintbrush and paint tube to transform it into a good-looking painted jar?

However, if the teacher asked for one thing, it’s probably that all your kid’s clothes and items must be identified. Once again, we planned everything: you probably already know our customised labels, but did you know that we had kawaii illustrations? ?

If you are thrilled by this adorable trend, it can accompany your children (or even yourself!) in all their adventures. Your child doesn’t have lunch at home because he is going on a school trip or at the nanny’s? And there you go, a personalised lunchbox and an isothermal water bottle illustrated with pandas, unicorns, rainbows and cupcakes… He is ready to enjoy every warm or cool meal anywhere.


kawaii trend kids

Everything can be carefully packed in an adorable lunchbox bag, which has an illustration so cute that it would make a cold-heart melt.

And if you, yes, you, are a fan of the kawaii trend, and need some sweetness in the morning drinking your coffee, you can also personalise a 100% kawaii customisable mug!

There is no age to be addicted to everything that’s cute…