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Easter weekend activities

Easter has finally arrived and it’s the perfect moment to celebrate this festive weekend that brings everyone together, young and old alike. Petit Fernand has plenty of ideas to help set the tone to those days in the name of delicious food and family reunions!

First of all, start with a treasure hunt in your garden. What is better than making your own basket to collect all the treats? Read our tutorial to make these adorable bunny and chicken baskets and our bunny bag. Your little ones are all set to go hunt all the chocolate eggs hidden in the garden by the Easter bunnies!

After such a hectic morning, it’s time to set the table for Easter lunch! For the occasion, create the right ambiance with these adorable Easter bunny crackers that you can fill up with your little ones’ favourite threats.

What about making these chocolate surprise spoons for dessert? We can follow the theme with our stick-on labels to use to differentiate and customise each spoon. Those with a really bad sweet tooth won’t have any excuse to eat up all the others’ spoons now!

If spring is late and the rain is announced for this extended weekend, you can keep your little ones busy with our Easter games: tangled roads, dot-to-dot, mazes, and it’s impossible to get bored with our activities!

You can also teach your children to draw bunnies and other pets with our tutorial, or make this adorable dream catcher in the shape of a bunny for the occasion. If your little one wants to decorate all of his belongings with this cute animal, you can find it on all our clothing labels and stick-on labels.

Easter weekend activities

That’s a busy schedule for you! Luckily, you will have plenty of time in those three days.
Perfect to spend some time with your children and to spend a happy Easter together!