10 manual activities ideas for Easter

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Easter is coming fast ! Can you already hear the bells ? To celebrate this festive moment with your whole family, Petit-Fernand presents you 10 manual activities for Easter that you will love.  Get great ideas to set the tone to these few days focused on the love of good food and the reunion! 

Activity n°1 : Easter crackers

Who says Easter, also says new opportunity for our little ones to have fun and realise diverse creative objects at home. For a successful Easter table, why not opt for homemade crackers ? Easy to make, they will delight your children with their favourite treats inside. To create some beautiful crackers inspired by the famous Easter Bunny, check out quickly our DIY.

Activity n°2 : Easter basket

How to mention Easter without the egg hunt? To be sure to collect all your chocolate, make your own Easter basket with the kids at home. Nothing like a nice basket to go trick-or treating and present one’s eggs. Do you like hen basket ? Discover a tutorial to realise a basked inspired by this barnyard animal.

Activity n°3 : Easter games to print

If the weather looks rainy, you can still entertain your children with different Easter games   to download on Internet : rebus, colouring, drawings, crosswords, labyrinths, impossible to get bored with so many manual and playful activities with various themes!

Activity n°4 : Easter cone

Dear DIY enthusiasts, what about making an Easter cone to offer flowers or Easter chocolate? Some paper, glue and staples will be enough to realise an amazing cone that will please the lucky recipient of this lovely attention. 

Activity n°5 : Decorative flowers

Let’s enjoy the spring and the return of the sunny days  to light up our interior space with some beatiful paper flowers. Realise your flowers requires a few things : Provide yourself with a few fresh tulips with floral peaks, a ball of artificial topiary  and tape to hang them on the ceiling. Here is how to decorate your interior space within minutes. 

Activity n°6 : Carrots garlands

Realise a garland with carrots in a few minutes. With  paperpre-cut strips of orange and green paperboard, creating your garland is child’s play. Staple the paper strips with each other to get a carrot shape. Repeat the operation and punch the carrots at the bottom to pass a string. Nothing like to bring children and vegetable back together. 

Activity n°7 : Animals cards for Easter

Creating  nice cards for Easter with their little hands, it’s possible. Your little ones will love turn their prints into an art work. From the hen to the bunny, realise  some cards in the shape of animals to offer to your love ones for Easter decoration. Spread paint on a flat surface and let the kids get their hands on it then on the paper. They will be happy to discover the shape created and decorate it as they please. What an enjoyable manual activity to stimulate their creativity.  

Activity n°8 : Easter eggs decoration

From the decoration of the table for Easter to that of the house, the focus is on these small and oval elements. In a vase, hanged from a branch, in their original box, eggs invade our houses. Therefore, we can decorate them according to our desires : Painted, marbled, spotted, the possibilities of decoration are endless, so enjoy! 

Activity n°9 : April fish to stick

Every one has to pay attention to avoid being the victim of practical jokes and general foolishness from children. April fish involves sticking a paper fish onto your back before running away. Check out our April fool’s drawings to download and print on our site. If your little ones prefer to colour themselves, opt for our version in black and white. This day will be also an opportunity to hear their best jokes. We hope you have a sense of humour. 

Activity n°10 : Egg-and-spoon race 

With the return of spring, having fun in the garden or in the park with the kids falls perfectly.You can play the egg race with your little ones. Each player places a real or a plastic egg on a spoon before taking the start. Laughter guaranteed!


Easter weekend activities

That’s a busy schedule for you! Luckily, you will have plenty of time in those three days.
Perfect to spend some time with your children and to spend a happy Easter together!