A savannah exploration

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Let’s go for an immersion in the heart of the savannah! Discover its wonderful landscapes and wild animals for a safari.

Discover our savannah inspired activities

From South Africa to Australia, Savannah hosts more than 15,000 species of animals and plants. These wild lands full of richness and diversity are what you always dreamed of since your childhood with The Lion King? So… Let’s go for an adventure! Get on board with Petit Fernand airline and discover the savannah as you’ve never seen it before.

Living in the heart of the bush means living together with many wild animals! If you didn’t get a chance to meet them already, create fantastic stories with our savannah animals puppets. Also teach your little one how to draw animals from the savannah or play to our savannah memory to recognize them better into the wild. Find out the elephant, the lion, the giraffe and even the zebra!

Talking about zebra… He’ll become your favourite playmate with our zebra ludo game – Very easy to make! Did you know that zebras can have up to 80 stripes on their body? Want to play to something more active? Try out our savannah coconut shy!

In the heart of the savannah, mother nature takes its course. To find food and energy to roam these arid lands, explorers must hunt and find watering place. This is dangerous and requires a lot of skills and training! Dive into this wild universe and create your own origami animal trophies to hang on the walls of your little one’s roo… uh, lair!

In fact, it’s not always easy to recharge your batteries when you only have the bare necessities and mother nature’s recipes. Fortunately, we have the ideal recipe to take away! The marble cake also called savannah cake! Super easy to prepare, you just need a few simple ingredients to bake this delicious mellow cake that will help your little adventurers to get their fill of energy. Leaving for a trip, you can also bake our leopard shortbread biscuits! And for lunchtime create our lion sandwich to impress your little ones…

After this delicious meal, it’s time to continue the safari adventure to make new discoveries! Hidden behind the bush, they catch sight of a lioness and her babies. Be careful… The Lion King is never too far! ?

Your little ones must be very well-equipped and organised to live in the middle of the savannah. So, don’t forget to bring your savannah-themed personalized items everywhere with you! The personalized lunch box to take your giraffe cheese ham sandwich. The isothermal water bottle to get fresh water throughout the day (an essential in the bush)! And finally, the personalised mug to warm up by the fire at night: did you know that fire helped keep wild animals away during the night? ?

After learning all these passionate things about this exciting wild universe, invite all your tribe thanks to our savannah invitations! To immerse yourself in this atmosphere, no television nor video games (indeed, there is no Wi-Fi in the bush…), opt instead for this tropical foam stamps, ideal to customize your explorer outfits!

Discover our savannah inspired activities

Your little one leaves soon on an adventure? Pack everything he needs in his wild themed cotton bag! And in order not to mix his stuffs with other little explorers, check out our personalised labels with lion or elephant illustrations and find out in December our brand new savannah theme!