Time to ski

The news

This year’s ski trip will have everyone labelled from head to… skis!

Ooh yeah… powder snow, sledding, and other snowy stunts are all calling your name!

You’re all for a little trip at a higher altitude, of course, providing that this holiday getaway is well prepared. Whether your kiddos are leaving on a school ski trip or if it’s a family thing, you won’t be surprised if we say that or-ga-ni-za-tion is key. As you can imagine, Petit-Fernand has you covered and will help ease the boring stuff so that you can only reminisce good times on the slopes.

Essentials or unnecessary things? It’s all in our detailed recap to avoid forgetting something: have a look at our free downloadable Check List.

And if you want to avoid having your little ones exchanging belongings with their ski class friends or losing things on the slopes, our 100% customisable Ski Value Pack will be your best friend! Made especially for labelling your kids’ belongings, it allows to mark everything in record time:

stick-on clothing labels, to apply on the garments’ care labels, to identify underwear, a hat, ski suit, tights, ski jackets, fleece sweatshirts…
– iron-on labels, ideal for clothing that bears a household iron’s heat, such as towels, undergarments, cotton leggings, turtleneck sweaters, tshirts, pyjamas, socks…
– mini object stickers, perfect to mark sunglasses, ski goggles, toothbrushes, chapstick… and all accessories!
– object stickers, on which you can add a phone number, as well as their names and surnames. You can stick them to helmets, skis and sticks.
– shoe stickers, for ski boots, shoes or helmet.
– and… address labels to have all the important information, such as names, surnames, address, phone number. You can apply them to backpacks, suitcases, helmets and skis.

If you’re choosing to go on a family vacay and you’re still undecided whether you’re taking the car or a train, why not get the kids in the mood for snow by keeping them busy with our mountain animal colouring pages? Download and print the templates for free and… enjoy the calm ride! 😉

Let’s gooooo! Oh, how we love the instantly-destroyed-snowmen-by-our-mini-monsters that we carefully built, the phone memory saturating at the exact moment when you have to film their newly learnt ski figure, the urge to pee when they’re finally buckled up in their ski suits…

Will you encounter any of these kinds of anecdotes this year? We’re taking a bet! 🙂 Discover all of our ski-related comics on the blog.

Ski holidays are also the perfect occasion to share family meals and have energy all day long. To pep up after a good day on the slopes, nothing can be better than a nice and filling snack! After a traditional French raclette or fondue (please look up recipes for all this cheesy goodness), these fresh snacks will be more than welcome.

Regarding drinks, don’t forget to pack customisable isothermal water bottles that you can easily slip into a backpack and that keep all of your drinks warm / cool during the day. The size is perfect for a hot chocolate or a fruit juice packed with vitamins, so that your little ones can charge their batteries on the slope. Little plus: adults can add their tea, coffee (or mulled wine) for a little break on the mountain tops, as you watch the kiddos slide down.

And if the mountains seriously slack snow, don’t panic, we have you covered! You can quickly create a lovely homemade snow globe. An alternative to the real snow for those who are sensitive to the cold AND a sweet decor. What else?

Now, that’s what we call being ready! You can practice your ski moves in all tranquility!