Fairies forever and always

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Are your kiddos constantly dreaming of a fairytale world, inhabited by toad-looking-princes and filled with glittery magic spells?

Petit-Fernand will spill all of their tips and tricks so that your little one can be the Queen of Fairies!

For starters, all fairies must have a magic wand! Don’t waste a minute more, as we tell you how to make the daintiest wand that will make all wishes become true.

As an essential accessory, it’ll add a little touch of magic to any carnival costume. Let us tell you, Tinkerbell is shaking! And if the costume doesn’t last more than 24 hours, as a Fairy Godmother, you’ll be able to fix that in a jiffy.

To muster all magical energies, why not give your little ones some fairytale-related colouring pages, where elves and dragons lie?

If your children spread their silver wings or ride unicorns on a daily basis, they’ll be using a lot of energy that’ll need a refill! These fruity magic wands will bring back the glitter in their lunchboxes, at school or on a trip. They can wash that down with a cool magic potion (i.e. a fruit juice), thanks to their customisable isothermal water bottle. That’s a classic fairy snack!

If a birthday is coming up, make your sweetheart’s wishes come true by organizing a full-fairy party! Check out our magic wand birthday invitation tutorial! A few dainty straws, glitter paper and ribbon, and you’re done. Don’t you just have the magic touch?

And for some additional fairy powder during this whimsical day, add a few personalised stickers with a fairy theme, so that everyone finds their cup easily during your party.

Feeling the magic flowing and dreaming of fairytale adventures? 

Endulge by getting yourself a fairy mug! We promise we won’t snitch and… isn’t it well deserved after all?