Travel activity notebook Pirate

Draw-me a pirate

Holidays are coming, and holidays mean travelling! At such times, it can be difficult to keep the kids busy, especially if they get impatient.
Having this is in mind, we created a summer travel journal to entertain your little ones and keep them busy with different games.
Download and print out the pages, and in a couple of minutes your summer journal is ready for the trip!

Be it a trip by car, by plane or while sunbathing at the beach, this little journal will be a great start of your kids’ summer adventures!

Travel Journal - Activities and Games for Kids

You can download our new Travel Journal for free.
Hoist the sails and prepare to weigh the anchor, as we have thought about everything to keep your children busy during holiday trips or long afternoons by the pool.

In this journal, you will find:

– Crosswords,

– Connect the Dots,

– Spot the Difference,

– Maze,

– Identical Images,

– Hidden Words.

Your kids love pirates? The adventure never ends! Find all the illustrations of the Travel Journal on our site to personalise your clothing name labels.
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All aboard, the little ones! 🙂