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School pack

£30.00 value pack contains 150 name labels

With our school labels pack, save £14,50!

This labels pack is specially created for the little school kids! You will find all the necessary to tag quickly and easily your kids’ clothes and belongings: perfect to go back to school well-organised or to tag the new belongings and supplies of your kids for the whole year!

For clothes:

- 30 stick-on labels
- 20 iron-on labels

For objects:

- 30 Mini item stickers
- 40 item stickers (1 line)
- 10 item stickers (2 lines)
- 10 item circle stickers
- 10 shoe labels

The advantages:

- Quick to stick on clothes
- Easy to create: in a few clicks, create a label with your name
- 100% personalisable

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School pack

Specially created to allow the little school kids and people around them to find easily their belongings at school, the school pack contains all the necessary to tag quickly and easily the clothes and belongings of your kids! From the clothes to the shoes passing by the note books, school books and other pencils and scissors: identify everything very easily with our iron-on and stick-on labels 100% personalisables in a few clicks!


The School Pack contains several formats adapted to all the school kids’ needs: 20 iron-on labels to apply with the ironer on all the clothes and sport belongings and 30 stick-on labels to stick on the care labels and 100 stick-on objects labels to stick on every object with a smooth surface to identify easily all the school supplies like the books, note books, pencils, pens, scissors, glue sticks… and even shoes! Your children will be able to find easy all his little belongings on the school benches.


Also think about our multipack for school supplies and its stick-on personalised labels, to tag all the school books and note books! Available in 34 background colours, our labels are entirely personalisable with the possibility to integrate one of the 100 coloured or symbol illustrations suggested and a choice of 11 font type. To each subject its label!

Media & blog reviews

What's great is that you can write different things on the stickers. Everything can be customised, and I appreciate that a lot. 

Priscilla PMFG

This year we're writing our children's names on everything! Thanks Petit Fernand! 

Chocolat Et Tralala

All their things personalised thanks to the pretty stickers from Petit Fernand! 

Fee Maison

We're all set for the nursery! Stickers for shoes, clothes and items with my little sweetie's name on them. Practical and lovely! 

Autour d'Erynn

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