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Colour icons for personalised labels Petit-Fernand

All parents know how easy it is for children to lose their toys, belongings or even their clothes when they are at school, nursery or at park playing with their friends. Especially when kids have the same tastes and choose similar clothes.

What is more, at the beginning of a new school year, schools give to parents a list of school supplies, all of which have to be labelled. How many times your little one has came home with belongings that were not his? From another side, some other kid went home with a sweater, shoes or at least pencils that belong your kid.
How are we supposed to know what belongs to who, if there is no name? Checking Lost and Found boxes at school, giving out advice for parents and recommendations to children to be more careful…

It is in these moments when parents, tired of spending money (and energy!) for new pencils, pens, shoes, sweaters, decide to use tape and a piece of paper to label all the belongings of their kids who have their head in the clouds. But after the wash, it begins all over again!

If you already know Petit-Fernand, you also know that we offer unique and pretty labels, easy to design and perfect for labeling all children’s clothes and items. What makes them original, is the possibility to personalise them as your kids (or you) prefer – simply choose background colour, text and also one nice illustration next to the name of your kiddie. In this way, you will not lose anything anymore and will benefit from a simple sticky label, always adjusted to your child’s personality!

With the arrival of the summer and its vivid and bright colours, Petit-Fernand has some big news – we have created something original and innovative!

Did we awake your curiosity?
We will give you another clue, it’s about something that allows every kid to find a personalised label, adapted to their age and taste the most.

Still not sure what it is?
Okay, let’s play fair! We present you… new colourful ilustrations to bring your kids’ labels to life! Each label can be customised by choosing not only background colour and text, but also colourful illustrations.

These illustrations can be adapted to all types of labels – iron-on, stick-on clothing or stick-on item labels for school supplies and belongings, shoes, luggage and many other things. Believe us, it will be difficult to choose! To help you, all available illustrations on the website are organised by themes.

Discover our new icons, available for all types of labels! All you need to do is simply click on the image below!

Colour icons for personalised labels Petit-Fernand

Among the colourful Kawaii pictures, you can find a cactus, a panda, a donut and, for the fans of Japanese cuisine, our little sushi. You can also choose the favourite animal of your little one from a fox, a koala, an owl, and many more!

Otherwise, another popular theme is hobbies – are they fans of skateboarding, video games, music or cars? Or maybe they prefer surfing the waves? Petit-Fernand has also something to offer for the biggest ones.

Finally, for the smallest ones, we have themes like fantasy and superheroes, but we cannot tell you anything else… Discover the colourful illustrations that we have prepared for you yourself!

In short, 100 new coloured illustration for the big and the little ones, 7 new print backround, 26 new background colours and 11 new fonts.
Are you convinced yet?

With Petit-Fernand, you can label everything and never lose anything, and from today, with a splash of colour!