Trick or treat?

The news

Here we are, waiting for this special day since the start of October… Halloween is coming!

It’s hard to miss it, all our favourite websites and shops have already switched to orange and black decorations.

October 31st, which is the day of Halloween, is the perfect opportunity to party, wear costumes, and eat a lot of sweets, chocolate and other treats without fearing tricks… for both children and parents! Don’t forget the essential… This is also the day when the living dead, zombies, ghosts, vampires and witches hunt town, ready to put a spell on anyone who refuses to give away their treats.


To celebrate this special day, why wouldn’t you organise a great party with your little ones and their friends? You should spend the afternoon in a very particular atmosphere, scary and tasty at the same time, shouldn’t you?

Let’s go, the day of the Dead is not waiting: create party invitations for your kiddos’ friends that you can personalise with their favourite Halloween illustrations: pumpkins, bats or mummies for example. You don’t know how to draw Halloween? Fine, we will help you…

No need to precise that a Halloween costume is mandatory! For your son or daughter’s fancy dress, you could either go to the shop or online and buy one, but if you decide to do it yourself, let your imagination run free and create something unique. Please forget the toilet paper mummy costume, or you will be cleaning the house all day long. Rather get inspired by horror movies!


You are going to ask, “What can I cook for the little monsters’ snack, besides all the sweets?” What’s scarier than a giant beast with eight legs? We recommend you bake this horrifying chocolate spider cake that is going to fit perfectly in the theme. You will probably need more than that to scare the children, who are going to eat up this treat faster than a zombie devouring a toe.

But if you prefer waiting for nightfall to open their appetite, a nice Halloween special dinner is going to please the most audacious ones… If they dare savour these mini spider burgers, banana ghosts and mummy juice packs!

Also, think of how to decorate your house to create a terrifying atmosphere: spiderwebs, Halloween crackers and mural decorations, and a zombie paper toys’ army ready to throw themselves on fresh food! Would you like to give a try to pumpkin carving? Sure, it doesn’t smell very good, but think of the trick or treaters’ faces when they will see a frightening smile carved into a pumpkin and lightened from the inside by a candle!

If you’re not a big fan of fruit carving, you can still create scary Halloween candle holders for a pretty good impact!

Here comes the time to hunt for treats. Equip your kiddos with candy boxes to carry their loot. Some sweets might be left for you to steal one or two back home…

To be perfectly equipped, create terrifying bottles so the little monsters can bring beverages along with them. Some look like pumpkins, mummies or bats. You could even add a customised label to identify its little owner or what’s inside (whether it’s pumpkin juice, or slimy toad elixir?) … In black and orange, illustrated with a bat, a spider or a skull, the personalised labels fit in so well.



Once everybody is back home and full, the younger ones deserve a good night of sleep after all these adventures. The most daring children might like a few horror stories for a last shiver before they go to bed…

But would they dare turning off the light? ?