How to become a superhero

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Your little one is a superhero fan? Why wouldn’t you organise a birthday party on his or her favourite theme?

Costumes, decoration, games, let’s dive into the organisation of a super birthday during which your kids and their friends can play their favourite heroes, or invent new ones.

First of all, any birthday party starts by gathering… the guests! Grab your secret weapon (aka your pair of scissors) to make superhero birthday invitations‎, and call in the Justice League.

Superheroes must also protect their secret identity – with a mask on their face! Of course, you kiddo is unique, he cannot wear any mask from any hero: he needs his own homemade one! While you are at it, create one per guest… After all, you need more than one teammate to form the Justice League!

To get an original and unique superhero costume, add the finishing touch to the outfit with the DIY necklace and cuffs. You can also add a homemade cape.

Superhero birthday party

For the birthday table and party decorations, follow the bright colours and the eccentric shapes to create a superhero comics-like atmosphere.

And regarding the games for the party, all the school break activities can work with some added comic-book details and storylines. If you have space, a classic hide-and-seek becomes a super villains’ hunt! If you can’t have ten kids running around, you have lots of other games options, such as the music quizz, Pictionnary, mimes… You just need to add the superhero theme!

Children could also make their own superheroes’ little figures and use these characters to play or embellish the table.

Is your little hero tired? After a full day of adventures, he or she needs to charge his batteries. Saving the world implies not always being home for dinner, so give your kiddo a super personalised lunchbox with his/her favourite theme.

With a customised water bottle, your child has a new superpower: the control of hot and cold beverages!

Superhero birthday party

A superhero at school, is it even possible? Of course, look at the X-Men! Some children seem to have the power to make their school supplies disappear, even if you told them to be careful… In that case, identify your little one’s clothes and supplies thanks to our personalised labels with his favourite hero, to stick on all his school supplies, clothes and shoes.

Ta-da, your little superheroes are ready to save the planet!