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This summer, we had presented all of the product novelties on our website, with our new colourful illustrations for personalised labels. But there’s more!

Today, we’re inovating once more with our 5 new themes for stainless steel water bottles and customisable lunchboxes.
Indeed, we have noticed our colour icons were considered a great success by the little ones. Therefore, we have been inspired to create some new scenes!

Do we have any unicorn lovers around here? Discover our whimsical scene with a flowing rainbow cascade and a pink-maned unicorn, for all kiddos who long for fairytale adventures. Plus, unicorns are a total must at the moment!

If they love superheroes, Marvel and DC Comics, we’re coming out with a pop inspired scene where two heroes save the city from a terrifying Godzilla!

And for a summer all-year-round feel, discover our tropical scene with a beautiful mermaid with a glittery tail, accompanied by an adorable sea turtle with a flower necklace. Perfect for those who dream of sea adventures.

Your little ones just want to be cool for school and like to customise their clothes with iron-on patches and badges? To complete the look, choose the street scene with junkfood patterns, skateboards and music notes.

Football fans won’t be left aside with the two players playing an epic match. What’s the score?

New themes for personalised lunchboxes and water bottles

Whatever your little ones’ passions and personalities, they’ll find a match to customise their water bottles and lunchboxes.

For school, excursions, field trips or even just to go to the nanny, the lunchbox and lunchbox bag will be ideal to carry around their lunch or snacks. The water bottle will be perfect to keep all cool drinks cool and hot drinks hot for a day!

Et comme la rentrée est arrivée, pensez aussi à marquer toutes ses affaires, pour que les pertes et les échanges ne soient plus qu’un mauvais souvenir ! Avec des étiquettes personnalisables pour ses fournitures et un multipack pour étiqueter ses livres et ses cahiers, votre loulou peut choisir des illustrations différentes pour chaque étiquette sur son thème préféré.

School has begun, so labelling all of their belongings and school supplies to avoid any loss or exchanges is a must. With our customisable object labels and Multipacks to label books and textbooks, your little ones can choose any icon they like with their favourite theme.

New scenes for personalised lunchboxes and water bottles

With Petit-Fernand, your littles ones should be well equiped and their favourite characters will accompany them on every journey!