Unicorn lovers unite!

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Have you seen Despicable Me? If you are a parent of a young child, it is very likely that the answer is yes.
In this case, you probably remember the little girl and her unicorn that was “so fluffy”!


Unicorns are now more popular with kids than ever before and have been part of the collective imagination for generations. Imagination, you say? What a nonsense, unicorns are real (as you can tell from our glow-in-the-dark unicorn posters)! Of course, maybe not quite. However, your little ones love them – they are pretty, shiny, elegant… and very cute.

Unicorn Themed Activities

There is a way to make unicorns real and make your little girl happy without having to buy a giant plush. We have gathered several unicorn-themed activities that are perfect for a school fair, an afternoon with friends, a fancy-dress birthday or even a back to school party (for the most far-sighted parents). It’s so easy to please everyone, the big and the little ones!

Why not start with a recycling workshop? Find some old headbands and make a Unicorn Headband together in just a couple of steps. Maybe it is not essential for the new school year, but your little girl can proudly wear it to any party.

Speaking of transformations, a simple metal tin can become a unicorn pencil holder! Or if you are feeling extremely creative, get started with Fimo Pencil Figurines to decorate all your kid’s school supplies.

Your little girl loves tales about unicorns and fairies? She will find reading even more magical with a Unicorn Bookmark, available as a free printable on our site.

Are you planning a birthday party? We are prepared for everything! Once scissors are on the table and printer is ready, download a free template and make Unicorn Birthday Invitations (they have rainbow mane!). Also, don’t forget our printable kawaii straw decorations so that everyone can easily recognise their drink.

These charming magical creatures are everywhere – from afternoon snacks in our Fun Food blog column to colouring activities. They can accompagny your little princess on school benches, at a holiday camp or during a field trip!

Unicorn Themed Activities

With our magical kawaii lunch box and isothermal water bottle, where unicorns can be seen playing with pandas, the success is guaranteed as your kids will wait for the lunch with excitement.

To label all these marvellously-themed belongings, there is nothing better than a small unicorn illustration on your personalised labels. You can apply them everywhere – from shoes’ soles to pens and even clothes!

Do you still think that unicorns aren’t real?