Cowboy craze!

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Carnival season is over and you thought you could finally take a breath, but your little one still thinks that he is Buffalo Bill and doesn’t want to get out of the costume? So let it be! Petit Fernand has plenty of ideas for you on how to create the perfect Wild West experience in his room.

Cowboy activities for your child

First things first, like any cow-boy worth of this name, he will need all the proper accessories. Rather than buying a whole set in a costume shop, you can propose to your child to make his own costume, starting with the creation of his very own hat. Nothing simpler: just follow step by step our sheriff hat DIY and, for this time, you can leave the star behind to create a full cow-boy look!

For the decorations, we have chosen plant that will surely create the right ambiance: the cactus! Not any cactus, of course: we opt for its thorn-less version, like in our pebble cactus DIY, which will keep your little artist busy in a rainy afternoon. Paint, stones and a flowerpot are all you need to get started! You can add as many cactus as you want in the room to add a touch of exotic to the setting. To stay in the theme, we also suggest this cactus cork board, which he will pin his drawings of the Wild West on, or the “Wanted” poster with his face own 😉 we let you choose the reward. We have some suggestions below…

Then, let’s catch two birds with a stone by rearranging your little Lucky Luke’s room so this time he won’t lose his hat. A tip: make some personalised name labels together to motivate your cowboy to keep his saloon clean. With our “cowboy hat” tags, no more excuses to leave his belt lying around. Clothes, toys, stationery: we thought about everything, so you won’t have to play the ‘Calamity Jane’ game anymore 😉

After looking for your little man all across the Grand Canyon, there must be a reward! You can now feed your little adventurer who starts to be hungry. Making Billy the Kid wait is not an option, so here’s some fast and tasty recipes made in USA. While pancakes will surely be a success – no matter which topping you choose – you can also prepare a healthy snack packed with vitamins, like this fruit cactus (which doesn’t sting, of course!). If your child prefers chocolate, you can bake some brownies together. Keep in mind he will have to be patient while the brownies are in the oven 😀 why don’t you try some country dance moves with your family to make the wait more enjoyable? 😉

After all these efforts, it’s finally the time to put the lasso aside. In the evening, just for once, jump on your couch and binge-watch Western cartoons until your child falls asleep. Trust us, after such a day, he will make sweet dreams…speaking about: you can craft a beautiful dream-catcher following this tutorial.

Finally, don’t forget that our little cowboys live side by side with their neighbours: so why not planning an Indians & cowboys theme play date with some friends next time? Totems, feather crowns, miniature tepees… you can find more ideas to keep all those little Sioux busy on this article!

Cowboy activities for your child

Now you know all the tricks to let your child dive into its favourite universe. Fix the hat, lace up the boots, whistle Jolly Jumper:
are you ready to conquer the Wild West?