Personalised labels for preschool

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Personalised labels for preschool

£28.00 value pack contains 140 name labels

Save £14 with our Preschool Pack!

Your kid just starts preschool? This Pack is THE perfect solution to help you to get organise and find easily and quickly all his little belongings! You will be able to tag his clothes but also his shoes, glasses, first supplies or even his snack box.

For clothes:

- 40 stick-on labels
- 40 iron-on labels (1 line of text)
- 20 iron-on labels (2 line of text)

For objects:

- 10 Mini item stickers
- 10 item stickers (1 line)
- 10 item stickers (2 lines)
- 10 shoe labels

The advantages:

- Quick to apply on garments
- Easy to make: in just a few clicks, create a personal label 
- 100% personalisable

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Personalised labels for preschool

Save £14 with our Preschool Pack! 
The preschool pack is perfect to tag all the belongings of the little ones just starting school and contains 60 iron-on labels and 40 stick-on clothing labels to tag the clothes and teddies of the kids, as well as 30 stick-on objects labels to identify the school supplies, shoes and glasses of your little ones!


Our pack contains 140 labels : 60 iron-on labels (to apply with the ironer) and 40 stick-on clothing labels (to stick on the care labels) to identify coats, clothes and even teddies and blankets for nap time! You will also be able to tag their glasses, supplies, and sport shoes thank to the 30 stick-on objects labels to stick on every type of smooth space. And for your little ones’ shoes the pack contains 10 stick-on shoe labels

Media & blog reviews

The labels took just 48 hours to arrived and the best bit is – apart from the iron on labels, they had a blast sticking the stickers in their uniform themselves. It’s the perfect rainy day activity! Not only are their labels 100% personalised, but they are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant for real staying power.

Chelsea Mamma

I can’t wait to use these for all Carter’s preschool things he’s lost so many things since being here. Carter also helped me to do these, he wanted the little ladybird and chose what colours he wanted too.


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