Stick-on labels for clothing

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It’s time to say goodbye to your sewing-machine and household iron! At Petit Fernand’s, we’ve come up with an easy and efficient way to label all kinds of garment: stick-on clothing labels.

Our adhesive clothing labels stick on the washing and brand tags in an instant. From now on, all clothing items can be labelled and identified: windbreakers, fleece, jackets, swimsuits, underwear, etc. The stick-on labels are removable and you simply have to peel them off when you wish to give away the items or pass them on to a sibling.

It’s a real time-saver for parents and the possibility to label EVERYTHING with their children’s names for their first day at school or for school trips.

With their 23 x 18 mm size, they can be stuck on most wash or brand tags.

carre-creche-4-UK  carre-creche-6-UK  carre-rock-1-UK (1)

– a real time-saver: labels that stick in 2 seconds, top !
– so easy to stick-on: no more ironing, no more sewing
sturdy: they’re washing-machine and tumble dryer resistant

Culottes_UK  Carre_Indien_2_UK  Pantalon_UK

And as always…
– 48h production and dispatch to our Postal services
– Free shipping
– 100% made in France !

Discover our 100% customisable sticky labels for school supplies, kids’ bento lunch boxes and water bottles !