Stick-on labels for clothes

The news

It’s time to say goodbye to your sewing-machine and household iron! At Petit Fernand’s, we’ve come up with an easy and efficient way to label all kinds of garment: stick-on clothing labels.

Our adhesive clothing labels stick on the washing and brand tags in an instant. From now on, all clothing items can be labelled and identified: windbreakers, fleece, jackets, swimsuits, underwear, etc. Our stick-on labels are removable and you simply have to peel them off when you wish to give away the items or pass them on to a sibling.

It’s a real time-saver for parents and the possibility to label everything with their children’s names for their first day at school or for school trips.

stick on label clothes

Stick-on labels for clothes to personalise

Petit-Fernand offers you to personalise your stick-on labels for clothes in just a few clicks! It’s up to you to choose the universe, the colour, the type… No more labels with covers, let’s personalise them by adding your child’s first name.
You can also choose the format of your labels according to your needs:

  • 1-line clothing labels (28x13mm)
  • 2-line clothing labels (20x18mm)
Stick on name labels

Where to stick our clothing labels?

Our stick-on clothes labels are to be stuck on the wash labels or the brand labels. It only takes 2 seconds to stick them on and mark your children’s clothes for life!

The advantages of using these stick-on labels are numerous:

  • – a real time saver: labels that stick in 2 seconds, great!
  • – easy to stick: no more ironing, no more sewing
  • – sturdy: they can be washed and dried in the washing machine.
Stick on name clothes